Monday, January 25, 2010

Commencing Count Down, Major Tom

Well, I suppose every blog has to start somewhere. And for me, and this blog, that time (and place?) is now.
I am starting this blog to document the things I do around (and to) my house on... Can you guess it? That's right: the weekend. Although, in all honesty, due to my profession (a Montessori teacher) I get more time off than the average Jane, and, therefore, get to do things around my house on breaks (Winter, Spring, and all state approved holidays) and, lest we not forget, glorious summer vacation.

My hope is that by keeping track online I will be more dutiful in taking care of my house's needs, be it decorative and crafty or restoration work with a bit of oh-dear-god-(fill in the blank)-is-about-to-collapse-and-kill-us-all thrown in for good measure. The house I speak of was purchased by my husband, Bill, and myself in May of 2009. It is our first home and, while it has a lot of phenomenal attributes, there are also a lot of things that need fixing and/or restoring. It is four-square 1905 home, built by an architect of local notoriety, John Proctor. The house has some wonderful original woodwork and built-ins, but there have also been additions that seem tacked on, as well as, the redefinition of spaces upstairs that leaves us guessing as to the original layout.

Ideally you, my soon to be faithful reader (or, in other words, my mom), will be entertained and inspired, at least mildly so, at all that is yet to be written and photographed.

So, here's to nothing. Let's see what happens.