Thursday, April 21, 2011

32 Weeks

We had our 32 week appointment today. Everything went well. A boring pregnancy is a good pregnancy, right? We now have appointments every 2 weeks.

My cravings have switched from Mexican to Pizza. Mmmm, pizza.

The legendary pregnancy brain is definitely going strong. I can't seem to keep track of everything, and feel like a bit of a space cadet. Ah, well. Post-its are a godsend, if it wasn't for them I really wouldn't keep track of anything! The lack of continuity in this post is a good example of pregnancy brain operating at its finest.

Judah has been kicking me a lot in the ribs lately. I can feel him move around (like switching  positions) as opposed to just punches and kicks,.

I'm still getting over my cold from last week. It is fading, but I'm still really congested. And, of course, I'm tired. But that is a constant, so I don't know how much I can blame that on the cold.

Ummm, what else? Work has started on our front porch. It is pretty crazy to come home after work and see what is new out there (or what is missing- like all the columns at the moment). Our contractor's estimate is the work should take about 2 weeks.

Bill is still working on sanding the floor in Judah's room. He was feeling pretty discouraged this weekend while working on it. I think he kind of hit a wall, but that has past. Now he is back to feeling pretty pumped about the project. He just has a bit more sanding to do (he is actually working on it right now). Then we are going to check out EcoHaus to find non toxic stain and finish. Then.... the floors will be done! Yay! I will have to do some touch up painting on the trim where the sander has scraped off spots... oh, and I still haven't painted the closet or the inner bit of the door frame (b/c the door needs to be removed for me to have access it).

It is pretty crazy that Judah could be here as soon as 5 weeks... Or as long as 10 weeks. I'm really not trying to focus on the due date, since something like only 3% of babies actually arrive on their due date. I'm thinking more of the due range. Here's hoping he won't be on either side of the range. If he is here in 5 weeks, I won't quite have report cards done and my mom won't be here yet, if he waits until 10 then my mom will only get to be here for a few days before she has to head back down to Oregon.

And... here are some pictures of me and the pups enjoying the fact that is is not raining! Goooo Spring!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Baby Shower

... happened 2 weeks ago, but I'm just now getting around to blogging about it.
This was from the baby shower- I am now at 31 weeks and even larger. 

I feel like our lives have been pretty busy lately. Most nights we have something going after work- be it our bowling league, birth class, appointments with the midwives, getting together with friends, or just having to stay at work late for meetings... Weekends seem to be similarly busy. Our weekends are pretty much booked up until almost baby time. This weekend we had been planning a getaway to Ocean Shores, WA with friends, but we had to postpone it because there was the chance Bill was going to have to work Saturday. He didn't end up having to work, but I'm definitely glad it got pushed back because my kiddos at work gave me a nasty cold. After I finish writing this post, it is back to bed for a nap. Even though I have sooo many things I need to do. Oh well, getting healthy comes first.

We ended up having out last birth class on Saturday morning. They have normally been on Wednesday evenings, but we had to cancel a week or two because our instructor is also a doula and she needed to go deliver some babies. So... we help our last class yesterday since it worked with everyones schedule. The class was nice. We definitely learned a lot and the classes we always very engaging. Our last class focused on the newborn. It is funny we have spent so much time preparing for the birth, but really haven't done anything about learning what to do once Judah is actually here. Of course, the material things are being taken care of- but the how to stuff is still kind of mystifying. I'm really happy that Bill will be able to have some paternity leave and be home with me. I'm also glad my mom will be able to be up here to help for at least part of the time.

Anyway- the shower:
My guess is there were somewhere between 30-40 women there (plus some kids). It was nice getting to visit with everyone. It was a definite mix of people- some girls that I had grown up with, some from college, some from post college, my mom's friends, my mother-in-laws friends, and... my dad. That's right. He was there too. He wasn't planning on it, he was just going to drop my off, but then he decided to stay to chat with some people. And... then he just never left.

We had really super yummy cupcakes from Sweet Cakes to Go. We had the mini cupcakes in four flavors:  Oreo Black Bottom, Red Velvet, Boston Cream Pie, and Vanilla Bean. I (ahem) sampled them all and can attest for their tastiness. I definitely recommend them. There are about ten thousand flavors to choose from- it was very difficult to narrow them down to just four. Sadly, I don't have any photos to show you of them, but trust me, they were cute.

The other food to nosh on was a mix of fruits, veggies, crackers, and cheeses. Simple, but tasty. My sisters-in-law prepared Blue Hawaiian; there was also wine and some non-alcoholic drinks for me, my other pregnant friends (2 in attendance), and the kiddos.

The atmosphere was very casual and relaxed. People had fun crafting onesies. Which I swear I will eventually write a post all about. There was lots of good conversation and more than enough good things to eat.

A big thanks to my mother-in-law and mom for putting it all together!

I had lots of little helpers to bring me presents and haul away wrapping paper. Sometimes they got a bit overzealous and just opened the presents themselves. :)

My crafty friend Joy made me the button J. I had posted a link to it on her FB not two days before the shower.  Girl is on it (she also took over gift recording and organizing duty- Thanks Joy!).

This gives you an idea of the amount of people... except there was actually way more than this because there is another level behind this with a bunch of people...

Our sons are going to be BFFs, whether they like it or not.

Me with my Mother-in-law and sisters-in-law.

Me and my mom

And now with my dad as well. Isn't it funny how at this angle you can't really tell that there is this huge protrusion in the belly area? It just kinda looks like I am doing ballerina hands.
Bill and I went through the piles and piles of gifts yesterday in an attempt to become organized (and get our kitchen back- which is where we had been storing everything). It is just amazing how much stuff this little guy has and he isn't even born yet! I know I've said it before, but I will say it again: I cannot wait for the floors in the nursery to be finished (side eye to Bill) so I can put all of his stuff in his room! And get the gd crib out of the dining room.

Now I need to get Thank-You cards out. But... first I have to make them. Which requires me to not have a cold. Hopefully, I can get the cards made by doing a bit of work on them each evening this week. So, if you came to the shower- know that you will get a thank-you card. You will. I'm just not sure when.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nap Time

Like now. I am sleepy. I had plans to write posts today. But I am far too tired to actually write the ones I had planned out in my head. So, instead, this is what you get:

Suffice to say that last weekend I had my first baby-shower down in Oregon. It went really well. There was booze and there was not baby shower games. Success! There was lots of onesie decorating. I will post photos of the shower and the oneseis once I get them on my computer along with how-to directions for the onesies.

Also, had an ultrasound with the midwives this week. Judah is right on track size-wise. He is in the 50% range for size. Perfection. Alas, they didn't give us a cd this time, just a couple printed out photos. We didn't really get any clear face shots anyway, because he had both hands, feet, and his umbilical cord all up by his face. However, we did see hair on the ultrasound. Pretty crazy, I wasn't really expecting that to show up. I'm guessing he is going to have quite a head full of hair when he pops out.

Another update: we decided to get a doula after all.

And... here is a something pretty to look at.

Sorry, I didn't mark down the source.