Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nap Time

Like now. I am sleepy. I had plans to write posts today. But I am far too tired to actually write the ones I had planned out in my head. So, instead, this is what you get:

Suffice to say that last weekend I had my first baby-shower down in Oregon. It went really well. There was booze and there was not baby shower games. Success! There was lots of onesie decorating. I will post photos of the shower and the oneseis once I get them on my computer along with how-to directions for the onesies.

Also, had an ultrasound with the midwives this week. Judah is right on track size-wise. He is in the 50% range for size. Perfection. Alas, they didn't give us a cd this time, just a couple printed out photos. We didn't really get any clear face shots anyway, because he had both hands, feet, and his umbilical cord all up by his face. However, we did see hair on the ultrasound. Pretty crazy, I wasn't really expecting that to show up. I'm guessing he is going to have quite a head full of hair when he pops out.

Another update: we decided to get a doula after all.

And... here is a something pretty to look at.

Sorry, I didn't mark down the source. 

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