Sunday, October 3, 2010

Things I have been doing while not writing on this blog…

So I realize I promised to return to the blogosphere in August. I didn’t.

It is now October (How the hell did that happen?). And, guess what? I’m back!

While I was away I was doing things, like:

1. Finishing up my second summer of Montessori training.

2. Going to Hawaii for a friend’s wedding.

37528_746787704406_11506968_41659002_968026_n35255_746794425936_11506968_41659434_2948942_n37568_746790538726_11506968_41659144_3700273_n 4. Going to Wisconsin for another friend’s wedding.41031_755459560936_11506968_42010264_4092347_n41031_755459595866_11506968_42010271_4406690_n 5. Getting an exchange student from the Netherlands that will be with us through January.

6. Getting a puppy. Gertrude Ehrenroe.41034_758012569686_11506968_42116467_8033478_n7. Going back to school. Sigh. 

Things I have been doing that I will create blog posts about:

1. Bill rebuilt our back stairs! Yay! Safety for all.

2. Revamping out guest room to make into our exchange student’s room.

3. Making a new guest room.

Ummm, that might be it for now. I feel like I am missing some things, but whatever. Good enough.