Sunday, October 3, 2010

Things I have been doing while not writing on this blog…

So I realize I promised to return to the blogosphere in August. I didn’t.

It is now October (How the hell did that happen?). And, guess what? I’m back!

While I was away I was doing things, like:

1. Finishing up my second summer of Montessori training.

2. Going to Hawaii for a friend’s wedding.

37528_746787704406_11506968_41659002_968026_n35255_746794425936_11506968_41659434_2948942_n37568_746790538726_11506968_41659144_3700273_n 4. Going to Wisconsin for another friend’s wedding.41031_755459560936_11506968_42010264_4092347_n41031_755459595866_11506968_42010271_4406690_n 5. Getting an exchange student from the Netherlands that will be with us through January.

6. Getting a puppy. Gertrude Ehrenroe.41034_758012569686_11506968_42116467_8033478_n7. Going back to school. Sigh. 

Things I have been doing that I will create blog posts about:

1. Bill rebuilt our back stairs! Yay! Safety for all.

2. Revamping out guest room to make into our exchange student’s room.

3. Making a new guest room.

Ummm, that might be it for now. I feel like I am missing some things, but whatever. Good enough.

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  1. You've also been house hunting so your Mom and Dad can move to Tacoma! Fun spending time with you, Willie and Liza yesterday. Looking forward to being neighbors in the next few years.