Sunday, December 5, 2010

The times they are a changin'

So, I still haven't posted squat. I fail. I know this. I accept it and have come to peace with it. Hopefully you have too. Perhaps you have even given up on me. I can accept this as well.

I realize I said I was going to blog about this and that which was accomplished over summer. And I haven't. Oh well, live with the knowledge that we did those things, but that you may never see pictures.

Instead, we are forging ahead into new and uncharted territory.

My weekends at home are no longer spent in home improvement (well, I still fantasize a lot, but little to nothing has been getting done). Lately my weekends are spent sleeping (or, inversely, battling insomnia) or trying not to harf. The good news is that the harfing has been drastically scaled back. I thought it was done for good, but I was proved wrong last night. Sigh. 

As you have probably guessed (or already knew since you know real-life me) I am for shiz up the spout. I am somewhere around 12 and half weeks. It is a bit blurred since I totally do not track when my period starts, but I have a general idea. My due date is June 18th. Bill and I are thrilled (of course). 

Right now I am operating off of precious few hours of sleep (insomnia reared it's nasty lil head last night). I fear this post might be somewhat less than coherent, oh well, whatevs.  

Suffice it to say we are very excited and the blog might just take a turn toward all things baby (but with a bit of house thrown in for good measure). Or, maybe it won't. I hope that by lifting my house only related post restriction I might just blog a bit more. Or, maybe I won't.

Here is a cute little ticker showing how big the fetus is relative to fruit! Yay!

How boring, I didn't post any pictures! Shiiit, I best rectify that asap. I will, I promise. But I warn you, they will be baby related pictures. hehehe

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