Sunday, December 5, 2010

Images, as promised... of nurseries!

Perusing the interwebs I have discovered some amazingly beautimous nurseries out there. I have also seen some barf ugly hideous ones, but we won't really talk about those, mmm'kay?

We are turning the spare bedroom closest to our own into the nursery. It currently has yellow walls, horrible blotched brown trim, a white ceiling, and who-knows-how-old stained gray carpet. We are thinking we will paint the trim white, the ceiling a light aqua, and rip up that horrible carpet (here's hoping there is some pretty hardwood underneath, but if not there is always flor!). There is a lot of work to be done in there, and we have a 6 month deadline.

Anyway, on with the pretties!

This awwwwesome nursery is from Love the aqua, love the wall decal (of the trees), love the paper crane mobile. And, oh, that glider. Finder a glider is harder than one might suspect.  There are a lot of ug-oh gliders out there. But, this one, oh-this one, loves. However, totally out of my price range.

This pretty nursery is from This nursery inspired my dream of a blue ceiling. I also plan on stealing their floating DIY  mobile, and perhaps their curtained closet. But, I might just keep our nice old wood door to the closet. I will steal their painting the inside of the closet the same color as the ceiling...

Here are more cute nurseries from, which is the kid section of

I actually think this crib is pretty similar to the one we are inheriting from my brother and sis-in-law. What I really love here is the poofs and paper lanterns.  And, of course, the color scheme- yellow and aqua. 

More aqua and yellow (no pink and red for my future baby's room though...).

Oh, look at that, more aqua and yellow. In our nursery the scheme will be switched though, since the walls will be yellow and the accessories and textiles will be blue. PS love the glider. Sigh.

Last of the blue and yellow nurseries (for now anyway)...

Here are some more nurseries (with different color schemes):

And example of using flor tiles in a nursery. I might even get away with reusing the ones that are currently in our hallway.

I like the overall cozy feel of this room.

Love the wall decals, and the use of paper lanterns...

Okay, enough nurseries. I'm hungry (like all the time now) and I'm gonna go watch How I Met Your Mother with the hubs.


  1. So many ideas, so little money! I like the yellow/aqua color scheme, and yes that one crib is very similar to the one you'll inherit.

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