Sunday, December 19, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

Last week, I was all, "Ooooh, aqua and yellow, how fabu!" But, now, I am not so sure. Don't get me wrong, I love me some aqua. I really do. But do I really want it on the walls or do I just want it in the accessories? And, the yellow? That I am not really sold on. I just kinda figured it would be a safe bet, since the walls are already yellow.

This week, I think I just might be leaning toward gray or brown walls. But, the problem is, I'm just not sure! Accent colors would still be cream and blue (be it aqua or turquoise or...).

Even last week during my full on love in with aqua and yellow, I still posted images of nurseries I love that are gray and brown!

Exhibit A: Modg's nursery.

Exhibit B: a nursery from ohdeedoh.

And, here are some more pretty gray nurseries from Project Nursery.


I think one thing is for certain. I will needs to be getting some of birch tree decals. Because, apparently, I love them. So shall my fetus. They are available from this dude. Now, I have tried to use decals before with little success. They just wouldn't stick on our walls. I was able to get them to stick on our doors, due to the lack of texture. It worries me that perhaps these awesome tree decals wouldn't stick as well. But.... I see them in so many nursery photos that I think these must be a some super decals- THAT ACTUALLY STICK TO WALLS. One of my girlfriends who is pregnant is also planning on getting some. She is farther along than me and will be ordering them sometime in the near future. So, I plan on getting her full report before buying my own.

But look of how cute! (These images are all from his etsy shop)

I think my favorite is the top one... which happens to be the exact same one that Modg used, and pretty damn similar to the ones from project nursery.

The real dilemma is not the decals... the real dilemma is what colors to paint the walls, ceiling, trim, closet.... Aaaaaahhhhhhh!


  1. Do grey with a brown wall and aqua and yellow details. That's my vote. Your fetus will thank you.

  2. Gray and brown walls at once? That sounds fug. My fetus pees on you.