Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Midwife Woes

This week, Bill and I toured two local birthing centers. One was at a hospital and it just felt like a hospital. I was excited because the website said that they have water-births, but it turned out only 2 of the rooms had tubs (out of around 20). It just felt all clinical and sterile and blecccch.

The other birthing center we toured was The Birthing Inn, which is Tacoma's only freestanding center. It is not attached to a hospital. It is only for midwives to use. And we loved it. It felt nice and homey, kind of like a B&B. Check out the coziness:

Now that is where I wanna give birth! It feels very comfortable and intimate. I want! I want! I want!

So, easy right? We have made our decision. Therefore, we are set. Right? Riiiiiight? Wrong.

There is a limited number of midwives who are able to deliver at the Birthing Inn. We thought we were relatively timely in getting all this figured out, after all, I am only 14 weeks pregnant. But, nooooo. Apparently I am late to the game. I have been going through the list of midwives on their website and so far everyone is either on vacation or all booked up for June. Keep your fingers crossed, there are still a couple of midwives that I am waiting to here back from. I so want to deliver there. So, so, so much. I so do not want to go to a hospital. I also so do not like my OBGYN. We share nothing in common when it comes to birthing philosophies. Plus, I had to wait over 2 hours this week to see her. The front desk girls said, "They are running a little late." A little? Ha! 2 hours is not little, this I guarantee you. 

I really hope I will be able to update you all soon that I have found a midwife and all my birthing dreams are coming true. I really, really, really hope...


  1. lets hope they change the sheets

  2. I'm surprised you are doing a home birth.

  3. You mean you are surprised we are not doing a home birth? I'm confused...

  4. Looks lovely...even the waiting room where you're going to make me hang out.

  5. Hahaha! Damn straight! It will be a nice and comfy place where you can sit and wait and wait and wait.