Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone out there is having a pleasant holiday season and is able to spend it with loved ones.
Here is an example of two of the ones we love. They also love each other. Adorbs.

We travel down to see the fams for the holidays, but we still put up our own little tree. It is fake and small and I love it. We have had it a few years now and it is just right for us. Some of my friends are on my case about my fake little tree, but whatevs. I think it is cute. And after our initial investment (of less than $20- hello, after christmas sale!) we never have to pay. I cannot believe how spendy christmas trees are. And now that we live in the city, it is just not the same as when I was a kid and went to the tree farm just up the road. Some of the magic is lost when you buy your tree out of a parking lot.

A nice thing living in the city during the holidays is putting lights up on the house. Growing up we lived in the woods... pretty pointless to put light up out there. About half of my block put up some lights. This year we added oversize ornaments to our decorations. I got them them on the cheap last year after Christmas.

I didn't think I would actually get around to it this year, what with the being pregnant and the barfing and the zero energy... but luckily the second trimester kicked in just in time. I was too slow to order photo cards featuring our cute pets in ridiculous outfits/poses, but was able to whip up some embossed cards. They are pretty basic, but got the job done. Bonus, I had everything I needed already around the house. The only thing I needed to get were stamps... and addresses. I now have my address book on google docs, which is super convenient... But I realized a lot of my contacts were out of date. A lot of people moved (or I thought they maybe moved). So my cards went out pretty last second. I actually still have 3 or 4 to send out (once I get those new addresses, that is). I send the majority of the cards out on the Tuesday before Christmas, and was amazed that many arrived on Christmas eve. Well done, US postal service!

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