Saturday, September 17, 2011

OMG, I have a laptop

That's right. I, once again, have a laptop. I had to return my old one (because it was my work comp) back in May. And now, finally, I have a laptop!

I have been using my ipod all summer for internet access, which has been handy for lots of things (email, fb, and what not), but not so handy for writing blog posts. I tried finger tapping one or two out on the little guy, but, damn, that was a lot of work. Too much work. Hence, only three posts all summer. And by three, I mean what should have only been one. Judah's birth story definitely only needed to be one post, but limited computer access made that shiz dif-i-cult.

So now that I get to internet is up in the evening, after the kiddo goes to bed, expect some blog posts, yo.

Be excited. There are adorable baby pictures coming your way.