Tuesday, December 28, 2010

16 weeks

I had my first check up with the midwives today. Since we are going to a group, we don't see one specific midwife. There are 5 in all that we will see over the course of the pregnancy. After we have seen them all once, we can choose to see one more than the others if you feel more of a bond with them. However, you don't know who you will get when you deliver. It just depends who is on call that day/night. So far, our first midwife is nice. I assume (hope) they all are. We will see the same one next time we go in, and then we will start rotating through the others.

WM was able to go with me, since he had the day off. We got to listen to the heartbeat, which is always thrilling. The fetus' ticker is clocking in around 150, which is pretty much the same as when we heard it a few weeks ago.

The real exciting thing is that our next appointment will be week 20, which means.... we get to find out the sex! We have our second ultrasound (the first was at 8.5 weeks) and as long as the fetus is game, we get to see it's junk! Then it will no longer be and it, but a he or a she. Very exciting stuff. I can't imagine having the patience not to find out. I so want to know. There is no way I could wait until it pops out to find out if it is a boy or a girl.

Here I am, all pregnant and whatnot. And, in full on maternity clothes. I have gotta say, full panel pants are the most comfortable thing ever. However, this is my only pair. I actually also have a pair of jeans, but I'm giving them to a friend who is also preggo. They are just way too long for me and just not quite right. These cords. though, are awesome. I plan on getting a few more pairs in different colors. They will be perfect for work. I hope to knock out the last of my maternity clothes needs this week. I plan on hitting up a Motherhood Matenity and Old Navy outlet. The Tacoma Old Navy doesn't freaking have a maternity section. How lame is that? Neither does the Gap. However, Tacoma does have a Motherhood and an H&M with a maternity section. So that is nice. I also wanna hit up Target and get some of the Bellabands- one black and one white.

I wasn't sure about them, but my friend who is preggo (the one getting the jeans) says they are comfy and magically hold up prepregnancy pants. So, I'm game.

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  1. Good to hear that your first midwife appointment went well. Here's hoping that little bump cooperates and we can find out who's in there...Judah or Lily.