Thursday, April 21, 2011

32 Weeks

We had our 32 week appointment today. Everything went well. A boring pregnancy is a good pregnancy, right? We now have appointments every 2 weeks.

My cravings have switched from Mexican to Pizza. Mmmm, pizza.

The legendary pregnancy brain is definitely going strong. I can't seem to keep track of everything, and feel like a bit of a space cadet. Ah, well. Post-its are a godsend, if it wasn't for them I really wouldn't keep track of anything! The lack of continuity in this post is a good example of pregnancy brain operating at its finest.

Judah has been kicking me a lot in the ribs lately. I can feel him move around (like switching  positions) as opposed to just punches and kicks,.

I'm still getting over my cold from last week. It is fading, but I'm still really congested. And, of course, I'm tired. But that is a constant, so I don't know how much I can blame that on the cold.

Ummm, what else? Work has started on our front porch. It is pretty crazy to come home after work and see what is new out there (or what is missing- like all the columns at the moment). Our contractor's estimate is the work should take about 2 weeks.

Bill is still working on sanding the floor in Judah's room. He was feeling pretty discouraged this weekend while working on it. I think he kind of hit a wall, but that has past. Now he is back to feeling pretty pumped about the project. He just has a bit more sanding to do (he is actually working on it right now). Then we are going to check out EcoHaus to find non toxic stain and finish. Then.... the floors will be done! Yay! I will have to do some touch up painting on the trim where the sander has scraped off spots... oh, and I still haven't painted the closet or the inner bit of the door frame (b/c the door needs to be removed for me to have access it).

It is pretty crazy that Judah could be here as soon as 5 weeks... Or as long as 10 weeks. I'm really not trying to focus on the due date, since something like only 3% of babies actually arrive on their due date. I'm thinking more of the due range. Here's hoping he won't be on either side of the range. If he is here in 5 weeks, I won't quite have report cards done and my mom won't be here yet, if he waits until 10 then my mom will only get to be here for a few days before she has to head back down to Oregon.

And... here are some pictures of me and the pups enjoying the fact that is is not raining! Goooo Spring!

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  1. I'm holding out for a Father's Day arrival. Perfect timing and such a great Father's Day/Grandfather's Day present!