Sunday, May 15, 2011

35 Weeks

We had an appointment with our midwives at week 34 and our next one is this upcoming week at 36.

At our last appointment we listened to Judah's heartbeat and the midwife poked around to feel where his butt, back, and head were located. Usually we do the heartbeat first and feel around for him second. However, this time they did the poking first. There was a lot of head poking because he has begun settling pretty low down. Then, when we listened to the heartbeat it was racing. Baby boy was pissed! He was not a fan of getting poked in the head while trying to sleep (aw, he is just like his mom). It took about a minute for his heart rate to come back down. Not even out of the womb and he already has a temper. Great.

This week we get another ultrasound (yay!). It is to check his position and size. I'm pretty sure his position is good. He has gotten so big that he can't really drastically change his position a lot at this point. He usually has his butt up in my right ribs and his back then goes down my right side to end with his head down low.  I think he has dropped as of last week or so. I have started feeling a kind of dull pressure in my groin. All of the time. He is pushing down on my bladder, so I always feel like I have to pee. But, then, I try to and it is just this tiny little trickle because his head is pushing on my urethra. So, yeah. We are really getting close to go time here.

Some other changes: I can no longer wear my wedding ring (it was getting too tight) and I only wear sandals. My feet are not swollen, they have just spread a but wider. Here's hoping that goes away after he is born, amIright? Thankfully, it is May and sandals are appropriate to wear (at least some of the time). I don't know what I would do if he was a winter baby. Sandals would not work so well then.

Rolling over in bed is now quite the production. I have to make like a 5 point turn to get from one side to the other. There is no smooth rolling. It happens in stages and is definitely accompanied by grunts. If I move to fast I get a sharp pain in one side- movements just don't quite happen like they used to. I have also started getting leg cramps at night. So, that's fun.

Last week, my good friend and my neighbor both had their babies. It is pretty crazy. It just makes it that much more real for me. We have all been pregnant at the same time, but now they are not pregnant. They have newborns! That means, very soon I will too! Crazy!

The nursery is still not done- but major progress has been made. Bill finished the floors. We bought a rug, moved up the crib (and assembled it), moved in the rocker and the bins of clothing and whatnot. Bill tried to assemble our dresser/changing table, but we are freaking missing a part (one of the guide rails to a drawer). Bill called the manufacturer and they are sending out a new part, but that will take anywhere from 2-3 weeks. Lame. So the dresser isn't quite usable yet. We still need to reattach the closet door and I need to touch up the trim (where is got floor stain on it) and paint the inner part of the door. We also want to attach quarter rounds to the trim to cover the gap between the floor and the trim (from where the carpet was). We will see when we get it that. It definitely feels more like a nursery now. It is not finished, but is much closer than it was... And may I say, it is very nice to no longer have a crib in the dining room, clothes in the living room, and toys/gear in the kitchen. So very nice.

Next weekend we are having a shower/bbq at our house. Here's hoping the weather is decent! Most of our free time lately has been dedicated to getting ready for Judah and getting ready to host a party. Just like the nursery, there has been serious progress but we still have quite a ways to go!

Oh, our porch restoration project is almost finished. Our contractor anticipates Tuesday being the last day. Next up, getting the exterior painted!

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  1. OoOoooO Lace, I'm SO excited for you both!! I certainly cannot wait to meet this little guy. I love your commentary on his temper, so funny! Get plenty of rest while you still can. Put those aching feet and legs up and use Bill as your body pillow while sleeping. It's what I did when I was the size of the broadside of a house.