Wednesday, March 30, 2011

29 Weeks

Well, I'm now at 29 weeks and, according to The Bump, Judah is the size of a squash.

Actually, Judah might be bigger than that. The midwives tell me that I'm measuring big. At my appointment last week, I was at 28 weeks but measuring 31. Therefore, next week we have another ultrasound to check his size. Here's hoping the little guy isn't too big, because if he ends up being a gigant-o baby, then I can't deliver at the Birthing Inn! Sigh. Come on, little buddy, don't put on the tons of adorable baby fat until you are out of the womb. Please?

Even though the reason I'm getting a third ultrasound isn't super awesome, I'm still really excited to get one. It is just so cool to see him in there and watch him move around. I hope they give us a dvd of it again.

Some good pregnancy news- No gestational diabetes! Yay! I had my second glucose tolerance test last week. Usually, you only take one test (just week 28), but I had to take two (one at 20 and then again at 28). My asthma medication put me at a higher risk of developing gestational diabetes, so they wanted to test me twice. I'm happy that I don't have it... if I did, I couldn't deliver at the Birthing Inn. So, I'm clear on that front. Now Judah just has to say fetus sized and not 3 month old baby sized and I'm really in the clear. Well, that and I have to deliver between weeks 37-42.

Having work off this week (Spring Break) is just getting me that much more excited to start my maternity leave. It it so nice to be home and getting things done around here. Plus, I am able to work as my energy level allows- which is not-so-much true about teaching. It is nice to still have energy in the evening, as opposed to being completely and utterly drained and not being able to do anything but chill on the couch.

Awesome pregnancy symptom of the week: Stretch marks! So awesome! Yay! Every little girl's dream come true! They are all over my belly. There are a few starting to crop up on my hips. And, inexplicably, one little one on my arm. Wtf, stretch marks? Of course, if puberty taught me anything, it is that my skin is not so elastic. I shouldn't have been surprised to see these angry red tears appear, but, still, I had hoped maybe they wouldn't. And, damn, are they visible on my (porcelain- if you're feeling nice, pasty- if you're not) skin. Oh well, it is all part of the process.

P.S. If you are confused about the 3 year on the photo- it is written over one of our wedding pictures... which happened (duh) 3 years ago.