Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pretty Blue Things

It's spring break, y'all! Wah-hoo! I am so happy to have a week off to decompress and rest. It is going to be a pretty low key week. I'm going down to Oregon at the end of the week for my baby shower, but other than that I will just be doing stuff around the house (like napping). Hopefully, I will also be doing things like de-cluttering and cleaning off the desk in the guest room so we can do some desk swapping. The one that is currently taking up space in the foyer  will go to the guest room, that one will then go to Bill's office, and the one in there is actually a folding table that will go... uhh, somewhere. We have a pretty decent amount of storage space for an old house, but it is not used effectively. Maybe I will get at least a few of the storage spaces organized. Maybe.

Did I mention I'm going to nap? Because I sooo am.

Right now Bill is getting ready to test our sanders on the floor of the nursery. We have a couple of smaller models that we hope will be sufficient, but if not then we will need to rent a larger model.

While he is doing that I will share with you some pretty blue pictures.

All of the above images I found on this blog.

And those two are from here.
 Go here.

And I don't remember where this one is from. Oops.

Ahhh, pretty things... 

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  1. I liked the clawfoot bathtub photo. Maybe you could do something like that in your bathroom. Glad your small sanders worked and hopefully all that dust won't be too hard to get rid of.