Sunday, March 27, 2011

To Do

Things I'm going to get done over spring break:

  • Laundry (easy)
  • Clean out desk (hopefully get menfolk to move desks around)
  • Clean off dining table
  • Clean off kitchen table #1
  • Clean off kitchen table #2
  • Move board games to book shelf/display case thing
  • Adhere stair treads to stairs
  • Clean off coffee table
  • Clean off side table in foyer
  • Go through the piled up mail (remember when you were little and it was sooo exciting to get an item of mail?)
  • Go through shoes (donate unwanted pairs to Goodwill)
  • Cook dinner- as opposed to having Bill cook. I've got no excuses since I'm not at work this week
  • And if (big IF here) it is dry out I will work on my sad neglected flower garden
Eh, that is probably more than enough. I'm sure I could make the list longer, but I will feel pretty damned accomplished if I get to check all these bad boys off the list.

Good news- the sanders we already have seem to be doing the trick on the floor in the nursery. We might need to rent an edger though, since it is hard (impossible?) to get in those corners and right flush next to the trim. When the sanding is done we are gonna need to do some mad wiping down in there. There is dust coating the walls and trim- my nice new paint job now looks super dingy and gross. Luckily, it will come right off with no problems. But, man, is it everywhere! The new light fixture looks like it has been in place for half a century with the amount of dust coating it. 

I sure hope we can find a stain/finish that will match the finish in the hall. I know you can get paint samples- can you get stain samples? 

Here a pretty picture to finish up the post:

Oh, would you look at that- it's blue! Shocking, I know.

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  1. Good list. I recommend starting with the small ones that go quickly, that way you'll feel like you've accomplished something when you can actually cross an item off the list.