Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Not Lame Shower Idea- Decorating Onesies

Two weekends ago I went down to Oregon for my good friend's baby shower. She is also having a boy. She's due just a mere 6 weeks before I am. We are both very excited for the serendipitous timing. Our boys are gonna grow up as forced bffs. At the very least they will have a cousin like friendship. They really don't get a choice in the matter. They will love each other, because we say so, dammit! I think know Katy was more emotional than I was when I found out that I was having a boy. I was excited and all, don't get me wrong, but good ole Kates was in tears. hehe

Anyway, at her shower we decorated onesies. And it was super cute. Not cheesy. Seriously, cute. I promise. Her sister-in-law (who is super crafty) executed the whole operation. There was a large supply of onesies in different colors and sizes (some long sleeve, some short, some patterned, some plain, you get the gist). There was also a lot of cute fabric squares and decal templates (as in pictures printed out of the interwebs with a strong outline- think peace signs, animals, stars, et certera). After you picked out your fabric and your design template you pin them together along with fabric interfacing. Then, cut them all out, and boom, you have your decal. Next,  iron it on to the onesies. And, there you have it. Cute, individualized, onesies.

I didn't bring my camera (because, I am a loser like that... well, actually it is because I dropped my point and shoot into a lake this summer and hate to lug around my big slr camera. I really need to get a little point and shoot... would it be wrong to add that to my baby registry? Me thinks, not.). Anywho, here are some photos other people took and I have stolen.

Here I am, crafting away.
Ames, free-styling her cutouts.
Some other guests, working hard on creating cuteness.
See how cute?
A handful of onesies on display. 
I'm totally stealing the idea for my upcoming shower. I would like to add t-shirts to the mix as well. We plan on doing cloth diapers from bum genius, which are pretty darn cute all on their own. It would be a pretty sweet baby outfit to have the colorful cloth diaper topped with a homemade t-shirt. I've registered for a bunch of baby legs, which would really just take the outfit to a whole other level. Bonus? Easiest outfit to change a diaper in (at least, I think it should be, but what do I know?).

Here are some links to similar onesies decorating... They didn't do exactly the same thing as we did, but pretty close. Check it out: here, here, and here.

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  1. We might not get it quite as right as Katy's, but we'll be decorating onesies at your shower.