Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bring It, Third Trimester!

Judah's due date was three months from Friday. Cray-Zee. It seems books and websites cannot agree on when exactly the 3rd trimester starts, but I say 3 months until the due date seems like a fair beginning. So with that, I am declaring myself to be in my 3d trimester!

I certainly am feeling pregnant these days. My belly seems huge and has started getting in the way of things... like bending over. When I eat, I inevitably spill things on it because I have to lean back while eating.  I also noticed I have started making little noises (dare I call them grunts?) when I have to get up from sitting or in/out of a car. Awesome, right?

It is hard to believe that Judah will be here in about 3 months. Bill said that he hopes he comes a little early, but bets that he will be super late (Gee... thanks, Bill.). I'm also hoping he comes a bit early. You have to be at 37 weeks to deliver at the Birthing Inn, so anytime after that would be great. My maternity leave starts May 26th (that would be 2 months and 1 week from today, not that I am counting or anything...). I will need to get my report cards all squared away for the end of the year and after that I am ready. Game on, Judah! I just hope the nursery will be ready before he is (hint, hint, Bill).

I realize that I do not have the best follow through. So here are some updates on previous posts:

  • We decided not to hire a personal doula since we will get one at the Birthing Inn anyway.
  • Natural Childbirth Class is going well. It is actually super small- only us and one other couple, who are also due in June and plan on going to the Birthing Inn.
  • We had two contractors come out the house to look at the porch so far- another one is coming tomorrow.
  • My itouch is still not freaking uploading photos to my computer. Which pisses me off.
  • I mentioned at one point that we got carpet treads. I did not lie. We have them... And they are sitting in a pile on a chair in the foyer until we get carpet tape to adhere them to the stairs. 
  • I finally did the last coat of white paint on the trim (well, except for in the closet, because we ran out of frog tape and the inner part of the doorway to the hall, because the door has to be removed for me to do that). Bill is now up on project nursery with the task of refinishing the floor.
  • I still craze Mexican food and still miss sushi. I also cannot get enough donuts. 
  • Also, I have not puked again (yay!) but I did have to leave work early last week because I felt lightheaded (Not cool, but once home I just laid down took it easy- and a nap- and when I got up that evening everything was kosher.).
  • Ummm... I think that is it. But I could be totally wrong. Baby brain is a bitch.
Oh, and here is a picture of my cute dogs (and me). Ralph has been totally needy lately. Not sure why. Maybe he knows that baby is on the way and the percentage of my time that is dedicated to him will take a drastic hit. He is getting in all the loving he can now. And Gert? Well, she is still a monster (a poop eating monster at that. So gross.).


  1. How cute is your pooch? I did natural childbirth with our first one. Good luck. Hey it's what every one did for centuries. This is an exciting time.

  2. Yay! Third trimester. Ralph and Gert will adjust. Wish I could come up sooner to help you with some of those chores. I know what a bitch it can be to get things done when baby is taking up so much room.