Saturday, March 12, 2011


As in what I did today. Very. Lame. So, if you are not into reading about puke and gross pregnant lady stuff, I would suggest you stop reading now.

Before today I hadn't thrown up in at least 2 months. I thought I was done with all that. After all, barfing is suppose to go along with your first trimester and I am just two weeks shy of being in my third trimester. But, nooooo. At first, I felt kinda off, then I felt kinda nauseous, then I felt REALLY nauseous, then I ran to the bathroom and yelled at the porcelain. There went all my breakfast. I was sad to see it go. Bonus, because the whole baby business presses on your bladder I also peed while puking. Never mind the fact that I have been Kegel-ing like crazy. All in all, a really great way to get my day going.

I still felt pretty blah after that, so I have had done little to zero today. I napped. I played Angry Birds. I read. I pet the dogs. I watched the crazy online footage of the tsunami and earthquake in Japan. Umm, I think that pretty much covers it. Oh, and I pooped. Because that is what pregnant women do. Although, as of yet, I am very happy to announce that I have NOT gotten any hemorrhoids. I know that the vast majority of pregnant ladies get them, either while preggo or during labor. So far I am in clear, and here is hoping it stays that way. At least until labor. I think I could deal with them a bit better then, because at that time everything hurts, so a hemorrhoid would just be part of the general pain and unpleasantness down there... but, if you got them while pregnant it would be the only thing hurting down there. I'll take the barfing over the 'rhoid, I guess.

Pretty awesome day, huh?

Also, I've noticed the simple things are starting to get a bit more difficult. Like getting out of low slung chairs, or rearranging my position on the couch or being in any one position for an extended period of time, And, of course, these things are just going to get harder to do. I suppose that is why the third trimester is the weary one (from the saying that the trimesters are dreary, cheery, and weary). Another thing I have going on pretty much constantly is indigestion. Which is something I had never experienced before being pregnant. Oh, and I can't wear earrings. I talked to my midwives about it and it has to do with all the hormones that go along with pregnancy. They can do funny things to the skin, but hopefully the sensitivity will go away after I give birth. I am glad that my wedding band and nose ring are not irritating my skin though. I guess titanium and platinum get the thumbs up of approval from my pregnancy hormones.

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