Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pretty Origami Lotus

Best part? It is seriously easy. So easy even I could do it. Now that is really saying something because I suck at folding paper. I have never made a paper airplane that could actually fly (or was symmetrical) and have consistently failed at making paper cranes and other supposedly easy origami crafts.

ss_101354172See, isn’t it pretty? This is one the folks at Better Homes & Gardens made. I first came across the paper flower in a magazine last summer, it included a link with the directions on how to make it. All you need is pretty paper, a paper cutter (or good old fashioned scissors), a rubber band, yarn, and frame (I used crafting glue to affix the flower to the frame). Anyway, I knew right away I HAD to make it… and it only took me 6 months to actually do so. I even bought the frames to house the flowers last fall at Ikea. I was prepared and ready, finally the day came to actually make them.


In the magazine spread they had the hanging in triplicate in a bedroom. So… uh… I did the same. Not very original on my part, I know. IMG_6279-1I did vary slightly from their directions. Obviously, I chose to pair mine with a kitty, which makes anything look better. I didn’t  like how big their yarn heart was, so I just tied one knot instead. I also left my leaves upside down so they looked all green (instead of seeing the other side of the paper). I  made the flowers a bit smaller, so they could fit in my frames. I would, however, also be interested in creating one on a much lager scale. Hmmm…

IMG_6283-1I used a color scheme of a pinky-purple, light blue, pale yellow, and green. I used a darker more neutral toned purple paper for the background. From a distance it blends a bit, but up close I think it is nice and subtle. These were really quick and easy to make and they are a nice addition to our guest bedroom. Need proof? Here is one last picture (with a kitty) to convince you.



P.S. Please ignore my crappy Venetian blinds. They will be gone soon. I hope.


  1. I love this! I want to make some! I know exactly where they can go. Yes. I will make these. Hopefully sooner than 6 months from now.

  2. I'm assuming Bill has a man room filled with things opposite of oregonami.

  3. I am disappoint.