Saturday, February 6, 2010

Thanks be Given

I realize it is now February, therefore, this post is not-so-timely... but, what the hey, I'm going to post it anyway. Side-note: Did you know I'm a poet and I didn't even know it? Okay, enough with the cheese and on with the patronizing.
Everyone should send 'thank you' cards. Everyone. They are nice to get. And, if nothing else they let the person know you received the gift (if it was sent by mail). If you choose not to send an actual card, please, I beg you; DO NOT send an e-card. They are horrible things that are the bane of my inbox. If you insist on going the virtual route a simple email would suffice. Anywho, homemade cards are far and away the best option. Even simple ones are far superior to the store bought variety (and, of course, in a completely different league than the aforementioned dreaded e-cards... Can they even really be considered a card? This blogger says, "No.").
I whipped up my holiday 'thank you' cards in less than 10 minutes. True, I didn't have ton to create, nor are they very thrilling and awe inspiring, but they get the job done. The real key is having the proper supplies: craft paper, a handy-dandy paper cutter, a cute hole-punch, and craft tape. Here is a shoddy picture of the cards. 

I assure you, they were at least slightly better looking in person. And, most importantly, they were used to communicate thanks to those folks who gave me gifts. I have even subjected my students to multiple card making assignments. When I assigned Thank You cards after winter break, one lone student (out of 25) asked, "What if your parents already have you write Thank Yous?" To which I say, "Well done, one set of parents, well done."


  1. You are a wise woman. Handmade cards are the only way to fly. Unless it's to your grandpa who wouldn't appreciate your effort anyway...then it's some shitty old dragonfly thank you cards that your mom gave you years ago that sit on your craft shelf and collect dust until Gramps cuts you your semi-annual Christmas/Bday check. Boo ya.

  2. Yay, homemade! I wish we lived closer and could have crafting nights together.