Monday, May 3, 2010

Epic Fail

So, as you probably noticed I did not create a post comparing our house a year ago and our house today. Yeah, well, whatcha gonna do? Nothing. That is what I say.

Maybe I will get to it eventually. Maybe not. Time will tell.


As a consolation prize here is a photo of Ralph when we got him (which was a year ago yesterday).4223_638666360446_11506968_37554212_8038166_n And here is our pretty boy now. IMG_7512He is guarding us from all the scary things in the world… like, our neighbors’ whippets, or a terrier that lives a block over. He is fierce, I tell you, fierce.


  1. Yep, he is a fierce guy. Let me tell you about the time ....

  2. Quiet, you! Maybe that will teach you not to steal a dog's favorite toy and then shove it in his face. Hrrrmph.

  3. Oh...he's gorgeous. What a beautiful boy!

  4. HI hi hi! Ralph is adorable as usual. Mostly I just wanted to say hi! (as if that wasn't obvious) The house looks like it is coming along. I need to plan another trip up there so we can hang out. I am missing my space time... and of course Bill time.

    Love you both!

  5. Katy is that you?
    If it is, don't forget that you get Lacey (and Bill) time for the Blues and Brews fest!