Saturday, May 22, 2010

Theme: Things I Think are Pretty (like flowers)

Not a lot is getting done around our casa. Bill continues to chip away on our backdoor stairs. He is planning to finish it up within the next week or two. I look forward to posting picts (because that would mean the stairs would be complete!!!!).

I have not been up to much house wise. I hope to plant some veggie starts and seeds in our community garden tomorrow, but we’ll see. I’ve been meaning to get this done for well over a month now, but here’s hoping tomorrow is the day!

Unfortunately, the next month or two will probably not yield a lot of home projects. You see, even though school with the kiddos is almost out (15 school day and counting!). I only have like 4 days off before I go to grown up school, that is my second summer of  training for my Montessori credentials.  It is super time consuming and a freaking hour plus commute each way. So, yeah, house projects will be on hold during that time. Hopefully I will still be cognizant enough to water my garden so I can occasionally post photos of my glorious flowers (fingers crossed!).

Anywho, here are some pretty pictures that shall inspire future projects. After all, I will have almost a whole month post- Montessori training and pre- kiddos. My head is already reeling with all the possible projects for August.windowboxes1_thumb

I would love to create flower boxes, maybe for the second the floor front windows. That would mean I would need to remove the screens from those windows in order to keep them watered, so I’m not sure if that is really the best idea. What about you all… do any of you have window boxes? Unknown-1 I love florals! I know, this must be shocking since I have already repeatedly professed my love of  flowers… but, yes, it is true, I also love floral prints. CH&I 21thibaut12_thumb[1]   765014972_mSNNr-M812750668_tRZwK-XL Amy Butler Okay, that is probably enough floral prints for today. Of course, I have many many more tucked away on my hard drive, but those will have to wait.

Have a great weekend! Hope you all are more productive than I am.


  1. I got happy just reading this fabulous post!! Love all the flowers and colour!

  2. Hi, popping in for the first time. I looooovvvve those window boxes. They remind me of my mom's when I was growing up. So pretty.