Sunday, June 19, 2011

40 Weeks

Judah's due date was this last Thursday, June 16th, 2011. Needless to say, he did not think much of that. The photo above was taken on his due date while my mom and and I were walking around downtown Tacoma trying to inspire him to make his move. My regular photographer (Bill) was at work, so this one was taken by mom. I've given her the task of photo taker during birth and I'm a wee bit nervous about her skills. She is not what you would call handy with a digital camera.

We had our 40 week check up on Wednesday. There was (some) progress. I was dilated up to 2 cm and effaced 20%. The midwives will let us go up to 41 weeks, 5 days, and then after that it is time to induce. That gives Judah until June 28th to make his move (but hopefully sooner!). If I do end up having to be induced then I do not get to deliver at the Birthing Inn. I will have to be at the hospital. At least I would still have my same midwives and there is still a water birth option (the hospital has 2 rooms equipped for water births).

I am still having all the same pre labor signs that I was two weeks ago, although they no longer get us all excited. The signs are just part of the routine now. We are just waiting. And waiting. And waiting.  And hoping my boy will make his move.

Our next appointment with the midwives is for Thursday, when I hit 41 weeks. We have the non-stress test scheduled, as well as, our regular appointment. The non-stress test is where they hook up two big belt like things to my abdomen, one to measure Judah's heart-rate and the other to measure my contractions. They measure those for 30 minutes. After I hit 41 weeks then I have to come in every three days. But, of course, here's hoping I won't make it to 41 weeks... We really were convinced he was going to be early, but alas, we were wrong. Now we are just hoping that he won't be forcefully evicted after the 28th.

Come on, Judah! Come meet the world. We are all very excited to meet you!

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  1. Well, I have to admit my camera skills aren't the best, having me as photographer is better than no photographer. I'm just excited I get to be in the room! Come on, Judah.