Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pita bread and yogurt. Breakfast of champions?

It's been a while since I've posted photos of Judah. Things have been pretty busy around here, but, then again, when are they not? I definitely thought being a sahm would have a lot more down time. It feels like there is pretty much always something going on, and there are definitely always ten thousand things I need to do.

Anyway, Judah and I were down in Oregon last week visiting family. Bill couldn't come because he had to work. I had a consultation for an upcoming tattoo (my first! very exciting). It sure was handy having family around to babysit Judah. Thanks to them, I am now caught up on season two of Downton Abbey annnnd I was able to go shopping and out to lunch. Niiiiice.

Now we are back home and trying to catch up on all the house work. Laundry, and vacuuming, and bathrooms, oh my.

We watched the superbowl at a friend's house and I made hummus (my first attempt at homemade hummus, it was good, but there is definitely room for improvement). We had leftover pita bread from that and Judah is in love. Not really in love with the greek yogurt, though. That just made for good smearing.

this one makes me giggle


  1. OMG Judah looks he's been hittin' the sauce in that picture with his tongue sticking out, I love it!

    Hey, maybe one of these times you come down to Oregon you and Judah come over and play? And of course Aunt Joy would be here.

  2. What a cutie! I'm also new to the SAHM thing and I think I'm 10 times busier than I ever was before. I love it though! Found your link over on Raising Colorado. Glad I followed it!

    1. Thanks. Gotta love Zdub's blog. I agree about the whole sahm thing. I thought I would get so bored, but instead I am way busier than I ever imagined.