Friday, August 30, 2013


I gave Judah a haircut this evening. I guess it's his second full on cut. Maybe his third? I trimmed it once, so idk if that counts or not. I was home alone with the kids (Bill has been working night shifts on the ships lately), but luckily for me, Shoshana is still a top contender for chillest baby ever and just hung out in her bouncer chair the whole time. 

I bribed Judah to sit (relatively) still by letting him play games on my iPhone (angry birds, always angry birds. So much for the ten thousand educational apps I bought for him to use). He sat still for me cutting the back of his head and one side, but then on the second side my scissors decided to crap out on me (the handle broke), which made me accidentally pull on his hair. He then started pulling away. Saying, "owie!" (even when I hadn't touched his hair- it was just anticipatory owies). And telling me, "no, mommy!"

I had to MacGyver the scissors with duct tape in order to continue, but continue I did. He agreed I could keep cutting his hair if he got to keep playing angry birds. We had to revisit this agreement several times. 

It sure isn't perfect, but it's done. And now he looks like even more of a big kid (isn't it funny how haircuts do that?). 


  1. Good for Angry Birds, duct tape, and bribes. But I don't think he looks any bigger. But he is smiling more.

  2. I have to admit, I really like his hair longer with his cute little curls.