Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The End... Of our time with the midwives

Yesterday, Shoshana and I had our very last appointment with our midwifery team. It's crazy. I've been seeing them at least once a month since last November.

Toward the end of pregnancy it was twice a week and then down to once a week. And then there were 6 postpartum visits. That's a lot of time together, especially since each appointment last about an hour. And that hour is pretty much all talking, which means I spent somewhere around 25 hours with these ladies- that's a lot of hours of chatting.

Now, that's over. That's it. All done. It's strange to think that I won't see them anymore. Even if I was to have another baby I still wouldn't have the same team. I would still have my head midwife (and I will be seeing her annually for my well woman check-up). The other two won't be there though. They're finishing up their training with a local midwifery college and will move on and become lead midwives of their own. 

- Cortney, Cassie, Shoshana, & Jamie-

It's been great. A girl couldn't ask for a better midwifery team. I will definitely miss all of them. 

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