Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tis the season... For sick kiddos.

As you may have noticed, my posting has fallen far behind. Shosh is going to be 5 months on Friday, but I have yet to even post her 3 month photos. Sigh. 

I have made drafts with reminders of what to write about for each month (things like rolling over or just general adorableness), so when I have the time to write I will actually be able to remember what happened in her little life.  

It feels like lately has just been one big long bout of illness at our house. And when kids are sick, I get very little sleep (because they wake up 1,374 times a night). Then the personal blog is what gets left behind when I prioritize my to-do list. 

It's a constant struggle trying to find balance when at home with two little ones, especially two sick little ones. Hopefully this current cold will run it's course quickly and their moods and sleep patterns will improve (and then my mood & sleep will too). 

Umm, and here is a photo, because I know that is the only reason some of you even clicked on the link ;) 

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  1. Preschool is a little germ factory. Hopefully everyone gets well soon.