Wednesday, January 15, 2014

4 months- Actually about Shosh

Okay. Here is my second attempt at the Shosh is 4 months old post. Last time we covered the annual taking of the holiday card photos. This time I will actually focus on what Shosh was up to during her 4th month of life.

She had her second sleep over at my parents' house. Again, it was due to me second shooting a wedding and Bill having to work on a weekend. It didn't go great her first time around and the second time was even worse. She is now banned from sleeping over at my parents' house until she is older. She slept maybe 3 hours from 2 to 5 am. The rest was in piddly little chunks while being held, but not so much on her own. Shoshi fail.

She developed a bald spot on the back of her head. It is from where her hair rubs off while she sleeps on her back at night.

She also started a super fun new habit (read: super lame) of waking up at 5 am every morning and just being up for about an hour or so before finally going back to sleep. Of course, once I would finally get her down and get myself back to bed Judah would wake up and I was begrudgingly forced to start my day. I'm glad to say this fun little habit only lasted a few weeks. Oh, babies, and their ever changing sleep patterns!

Shoshana decided it was no longer cool to just peacefully hang out in her baby bjorn bouncer during meals and insisted on being held instead. Luckily for her, she is extremely cute and cuddly. Unluckily for us, it is very difficult to cut food one handed or deal with a toddler.

This month Shosh started doing what we term the Gorilla Sit. It includes an extreme lean forward and resting a lot of weight on her hands... and only lasts a few seconds at most. But, whatever. It counts as sitting up!

The great drool also began this month. Babies get teething symptoms long before they actually get teeth. Judah was the same way. It was right around 4 months that we first bought him an amber teething necklace and it was right around 4 months that we passed on his necklace to Shosh. She still has more drool than he ever did, but it definitely lessens when we remember to put on her necklace.

One bittersweet event this month was having her move into her nursery. Up until that point she had been in a pack and play right next to my side of the bed. It was very convenient for me to get up with her during the night. However, she was starting to sleep less soundly and would wake up when Bill or I would come to bed or when Bill woke up early for work in the morning. Therefore, in the interest of more sleep for all involved she moved down the hall into her own room.

With Judah we did a lot of prep getting his nursery just right. We tore up the carpet and refinished the floors. We painted the walls, ceiling, and trim. We hung curtains, shelves, and pictures. For Shosh we... shoved boxes to the back corner of her room. Sorry, little girl, but that is what happens when A) you are baby #2 and B) move into a new house the month before you are born. Eventually we will get the room looking cute. Same goes for Judah's room. And our room. And the basement. And on and on.

Shosh also started rolling onto her side when I would lay her down in her crib. I would put her down flat on her back and her knees would instantly tuck up toward her chest and she would roll right up onto her side and fall asleep. It was adorable.

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  1. Keeping fingers crossed that Shosh's next sleepover at NaiNai and YeYe's house will be less sleepless. Love the photos and narrative. She is one adorable baby.