Friday, January 3, 2014

Shosh at 4 months- The Holiday Card

I actually don't feel super behind about this post, because I was purposefully holding off on sharing any photos of Shosh at 4 months until after the holidays because I used images from this shoot for our holiday cards and for Christmas presents for our families.

For those of you who don't get our holiday card these are the two photos we used:

You may not be able to tell from the above photos, but Judah was being a giant turkey about getting his photo taken that day. It was tough because I wanted to get images of them together and Shosh was extremely limited in what she could do (see: lay on the ground or precariously sitting for maybe 5 seconds). Judah just wanted to be a two year old and do anything but lay still next to Shosh. Weird, I know. Once I finally got them in position on the floor next to each other and I got Shosh to look at me and smile, Judah fully fell apart.

And thus concluded our attempt at a group shot that day. He started really crying/whining at me right after I took the above photo.

I got some cute individual shots of them. Judah was definitely much better about taking photos when he could, you know, STAND and move around and be himself.

When Ralph barks at something outside, Judah will often go up to him, pet him, and say "It's okay, Ralphie. It's okay." Awww. Of course, the rest of the time he starts *fake* crying and yells at Ralph to be quiet.

Shosh was very happy to just lay on the ground... because she is a baby. And such a happy baby at that. She is also a big fan of holding her own hand.

She is much better at sitting when propped up against the couch. So we decided to see if we could get Judah to sit next to her...

Nope! Not really what we meant at all, Judah.

And, just like that, they were both over it.

I decided to tempt the fates and try again the next day in an effort to get some better photos of them together. This time I took them outside.

This was the only group one I got. We tried to have Judah hold Shosh so she could sit in his lap, but he was just being a goof and falling over and rolling around whenever we tried to sit Shosh down with him.

So we let her sit by herself instead. What you can't see is Willie just off camera continually readjusting her, because she was ALWAYS about to fall.

See? Totally about to tip over.

When we made Judah sit on the ground he discovered what great fun it is to rip up grass (and throw it at us and his sister).

I like that even though Judah is 2 and half, he still really enjoys answering the "How big is Judah?" question with a smile and hands up high as he squeals "So big!"

Well, I'm going to leave the write up about what Shosh was up to when she hit 4 months for another post. This one ended up being pretty long (with far too many pictures) and Shosh has recently decided getting up by 6am (or earlier) is what all the cool kids do, which means I really need to go to bed early... Like I should already be in bed asleep an hour ago early. Sigh.

I'm just glad it's only her that wakes up so early. He usually sleep in until around 8 (atta, boy!).

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  1. What beautiful children! It's killing me not to have met them yet...ugh. We've got to make the trip up there in 2014... Lacey, your photo work is wonderful!