Sunday, February 23, 2014

Shoshana at 6 months

I have to admit, I'm feeling pretty uninspired to write. It is so tempting just to put up a set of photos and call it good, but I know I will regret not having written anything when I look back on this later.

So, I will keep the notes on Shosh at 6 months brief (and hopefully I won't kick myself later for not adding in more details). Shosh turned 6 months on 1/13/14.

She is a big fan of making the "bbbbbb" sound.

She has discovered how to YELL. And she does it. Often. Just for fun. It is noticeably different than when she is upset and crying. It is pretty funny... see also: loud.

I guess she was really into sounds this month, because my third note I made was she makes the "bwa-bwa-bwa" sound on repeat.

She went through a not so fun phase of waking up before 7am.

She must have gained some core strength/balance because this month she was able to sit for longer periods of time.

Shoshana became interested in toys.

Shosh also became very interested in grabbing. She grabs all the things: hair, mouth, face, clothing, her feet...

Apparently she gained a sense of humor this month because she started giggling at everything. She finds Judah to be especially hilarious. I feel like she is easier to get to giggle than Judah was as a baby. Bill was always good at getting Judah to giggle, but I had a tougher time, with Shosh it is musch easier. Maybe we have just improved our comedic timing for babies.

Shoshi started wearing her 9 months clothes.

We started having a dedicated book reading time before bed (Goodnight Moon). She gets lots of random book time when we read with Judah throughout the day, but now we are working on incorporating reading into her bedtime routine. She is trying to incorporate book eating.

Shosh had her very first real bath this month, with Judah no less! It took 6 months, but our baby has now officially been in water and cleaned with soap. She still gets coconut oiled after bath time though.

When on her stomach she can fully extend her arms to push herself up, like cobra pose. Her butt is still down though. We still have awhile until she will be crawling (phew!).

We wait until Shosh was 6 months to introduce food. We follow baby led weaning, so no mushy baby food for her. The evening of the 13th we gave her avocado slices to try. She was pretty unimpressed with them. She preferred just sucking on her fingers. When she actually managed to get the avocado in her mouth she looked utterly disgusted and spat it back out. Silly baby.

*the black and white images should not have a color cast to them. Something about blogger's import formula messed them up (and made me sad/frustrated). I've been trying to fix them, but I can't seem to figure it out. I guess you just have to trust me when I say that the normal version isn't freaking sepia toned or blue toned. True black and white all the way!!*

I figured out the issue with the images. It has to do with blogger being linked to gmail... which links to google+. Even though I never made an actual google+ profile for the email address linked with this account, google did. And in that profile they automatically selected "auto enhance" to all images uploaded onto blogger. Awesome. Except,  NOT AT ALL. To fix it I had to create a google+ profile and go in and turn off auto enhance under the settings. Ridiculous. 

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