Sunday, February 16, 2014


This was our first Christmas together that we spent Christmas morning in our own house! It is definitely the way to go. I think next year we are going to go all out and spend ALL DAY at our house. 

When we lived in Tacoma we always came down to Oregon before Christmas and spent a few days (or however much time our schedules allowed). We would split our time going back and forth between my parents' house and Bill's parents' house, which is only about 5 miles apart, but still, back & forth, and back & forth, and back & forth. It tends to get a bit tiring. Then, once we had Judah it was even more tiring to go from one place to the other on holidays. We never got to really settle in an relax at either place as we were always worried about timing and making sure we would be at the right house for the right activity. Blah. Enough of that. With Shosh's arrival there was no way were going to go back and forth between the two houses on Christmas day, so we spent the morning at our own house and then went to Bill's parents' house that afternoon. Later in the week, once my brother and niece were in town we celebrated Christmas with my family (my sister-in-law had to make a last second trip back to China because her dad had heart surgery. The surgery went well and she was able to be there to help him recover, but that is why she ended up missing Christmas state-side). 

One neat thing about this year was it was the first time Judah has really gotten into the whole thing. We sang a lot of Christmas songs, had a countdown calendar where we hung felt ornaments on a felt tree, talked about Santa and presents (What do you want Santa to bring you, Judah? "Presents" What kind of presents? "Toys" What kind of toys? "Blue and green toys" Uh, okay...). Every day he wanted to turn on our Christmas lights and would often get busted taking ornaments off the tree. Our fragile ornaments will have to stay in hiding for a number of years still. 

Okay, and I'm just going to do a photo dump, as I think Christmas photos are pretty self explanatory.

Judah's first glimpse at what Santa left behind... He was still a bit sleepy at this point.

Reading the note Santa left for Judah thanking him for the cookies and whatnot. 

Santa only brought Shosh one present- a Baby's First Christmas ornament
Christmas dogs!

After the presents were all opened, Shosh was decorated with ribbons and bows


My mom and her two granddaughters 

This was suppose to be a photo of my parents with all their grandkids, but Azalea refused to be in it without her dad. haha

Ahh, the smell of new books... or something like that.
Azalea was a bit confused with her gift at first
We dressed Shosh in the same outfit Judah wore for his first Christmas. Also, when Shosh makes this face we think she looks like the baby dinosaur from the 90s show Dinosaurs
Here is the post about Judah's first Christmas...

Judah modeling the robe he got from my parents for Christmas


  1. Thanks for sharing the photos. Some fantastic xmas memories.

  2. Lovely photos, wonderful times, cherished memories.