Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Feed me, Seymour!

It turned out my plans for Sunday were over ambitious. We did not have any time to install our mystery gift… but we had time today! So, with out further ado, here it is:IMG_4832 It’s our new wooly pocket! My mom bought this for us a few weeks ago and last weekend we finally bought the plants and potting soil. Thanks, Mom!

We installed the pocket in our bedroom. It took some pretty heavy duty hardware to hang.  Unfortunately, I drilled one of the anchors in at an angle and it wouldn’t stay. So, we had to re-drill a few inches higher than we planned. Whoops. The giant holes are thankfully covered by the wooly pocket. Good thing we are thinking we will some day try to take that wall down and make our master bedroom bigger. IMG_4825 Anyway, wooly pockets are capable of holding a lot. Our plants are very small, but check out what is possible.14 7 They are designed to hold some huge plants! The images above are multiple wooly pockets hung together. I hope our plants thrive. Here they are pre-planting. We tried to get a variety of plants that will trail with those that will go upright.  IMG_4822 It will look really cool when the plants are big enough to cover the (majority of the) wooly pocket. We will keep you posted as to their life or death. If this system ends up working out well I can see many more pockets coming into our life…IMG_4837 Of course, Ralph helped.IMG_4814 We also planted a cute little striped plant. We kinda have a thing for plants. We have a lot of them… and we are constantly buying more. We are not the most diligent of care takers (hence, the always buying more), but we love them. Greenery is great! And when you can get a cute little plant for under $3, how can you resist?IMG_4841



  1. You two make me sick! I would love to have time to play with plants and trees and paper fans. And read books I want to read and spend time outside. And then have time to blog about it! Agh someday, anyways i'm totally jealous. Boo. But I do like the blog

  2. The woolly pocket actually looks different than I thought it would. It really looks like a pocket. Strange that, isn't it? You are off to a good start and hopefully your plants will survive. As to the holes in the wall, you can always spackle them. Of course, the woolly pocket does do a great job of covering them up.