Monday, March 29, 2010

Attack of the Kitties!

Last night Bill worked a night shift, leaving Ralph and I at home all night. We hung out downstairs. I played around on the web, watched some episodes of Weeds, and watched a crappy movie (500 Days of Summer. Blech.). I didn’t head upstairs for bed until around 2am. Before heading up I let Ralph out and it was absolutely pouring outside (as it had been for the majority of the day). Ralph came back in and we started upstairs… But then I felt water drip on me in the stairwell. Uh-oh. I turned on the light and saw that there were 2 steady drips coming out of the stairwell door frame next to the kitchen. I didn’t know what was causing the leak. I was afraid that the storm had flooded the attic or found some other devious way inside. Dollar signs were flashing before my eyes and I our upcoming vacation was fading into black.

I called Bill in a panic. He was in the middle of dealing with something and couldn’t really talk. I put out two bowls to try and catch the falling water. Sigh, whatever was wrong I figured there was nothing I could do right now to fix it. I continued upstairs and put Ralph in our bedroom to sleep for the night. I then went to brush my teeth and get ready for bed.

I opened the door to the bathroom and there was water everywhere! But, the source of the water was there as well. It was our radiator.IMG_4951The nozzle on the bleed valve had been turned and was gushing water. It was like having a sink on full blast for who knows how long. The floor was completely soaked. The rugs in the bathroom absorbed a lot of the water but it was even standing water on top of that. In short, it was mess. I quickly turned the bleed valve off and threw down a bunch of towels to start soaking up water. The rest of the cleaning would have to wait to morning.

The bathroom is home to the culprits behind last night shenanigans. Allow me to introduce Zariel and Pubert.

IMG_4960 Zariel, the ringleaderIMG_4958 Pubert, unwitting accomplice

Our darling adorable cat, Zariel, greatly enjoys laying on top of the radiator for warmth. She has also apparently gotten into the habit of mouthing the bleed valve. We believe that she ended up getting some purchase on it and wound up turning it on. Which had disastrous results. I can’t even begin to speculate as to what time she turned it on. All I know is it happened sometime after 4:30pm (when Bill left) and before 2am (when I went to bed). Oh, kitties. I think that counts as one of your 9 lives.IMG_4965 I placed Zariel on top of the radiator to get a picture demonstrating her love for lounging up there, but she decided instead to give me a reenactment shot. Sheesh.

Another sheesh goes out to the weather today. It has been just dumping. Our poor little newly created garden beds have been turned into giant mud puddles. I hope the seeds make it and don’t end up being washed away in the rain.IMG_4971It’s raining. It’s pouring…  IMG_4970What happened the lovely sunshine we’ve been having? Doesn’t mother nature know it is supposed to be nice on Spring Break and rain only when school is in?




  1. Sorry, but glad it wasn't the roof. Hopefully no real damage was done to the floor. Mom. mentioned radiator covers. I know nothing about them or if they will help to stop this from reoccurring. Hopefully it won't happen while you are gone.

  2. I was thinking that it was a good thing it happened before you left. Radiator covers are something we had in the house I grew up in. They are decorative open mesh on the sides with a solid flat top. I'm sure you can find them somewhere and they wouldn't detract from the look of your old home.

    Glad to hear it was nothing more serious than Zariel loving the radiator.

  3. Haha that sucks! I can imagine the attractiveness of the radiator. I also did NOT like 500 days of summer. But I love Weeds

  4. HA! Cats are so weird. And adorable. Clearly if they were hairless and just had weird ear-holes like reptiles they wouldn't be able to get away with so much.