Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nothing to write home about

This weekend we did get some things done around the house, but nothing terribly exciting. We had to replant our birch tree. There were some heavy winds and rain this week and the birch couldn’t quite hack it. We came home from work to find it leaning hard a couple of days this week. Each day we would try to adjust it and stomp it back into place; only to have it rain again be back to the learning tower of tree-sa.  So, on Saturday Bill pulled it up, widened the hole and added some extra dirt and put it back in. It looks good at the moment, but the real test will come next time it pours and blows. We also planted a tree for our neighbors and delivered the last of the city trees to our other neighbors. That means… no more container trees on our side yard. Yay!

I also planted an azalea and a ranunculus in our front yard. I bought them both last week at Lowe’s. They both looked quite a bit perkier last week… the downpour really did a number on the azalea’s blooms and the wind managed to knock over the ranunculus’ pot multiple times. Hopefully now that they are planted they will go back to being their bright and cheerful selves.

Other than that we picked up the house a bit, did laundry (but have not put it away… in weeks), went grocery shopping (a dire necessity at that point), had friends over for dinner, and I got my hair did (which has nothing whatsoever to do with the house, but whatevs).

Today, I am being lazy. I am lounging around in my bathrobe and drinking tea. I am trying to get rid of this cough that I cannot seem to shake. It is lame. I am ready to be done with it. Of course, so are all the other people I know who have fallen victim to the same (short-lived) cold with the (everlasting) cough.

I feel like I need to include at least one photo. All these words are bore-ing. So, here is a sneak peak at one of our projects.printmapsmallIt is the Nolli Map of Rome. It is phenomenal. I attended the lecture at UO when they first announced that through a joint partnership of the geography and architecture department they had developed a pieced together (and interactive) version of Nolli’s map (which was originally 12 copper plate engravings). It is available for purchase from Raven Maps. They were super speedy with their shipping. Now, we will see how super speedy we will be with the framing.


  1. Have you considered putting in tree poles and then running strapping from the poles to help support the tree while it is establishing deeper roots.

  2. "got my hair did" -- I feel like I should pick on you for this horrible writing, but I guess I should cut you some slack due to your illness. Oops... too late!

  3. Oh, Toby. Getting your hair 'did' is the current vernacular. I guess I can cut you some slack due to your being old and square.

  4. Really? Getting your hair "did" is the current vernacular? That's terrible. The grammar police will have a field day with it. Was the map your "mystery" gift? Feel better.

  5. The 'mystery' gift was the woolly pocket, although not so much a mystery for you...