Saturday, April 3, 2010

Shop, Shop, Shopping

Well, we are back. You probably didn’t even know were gone. Anyway, we headed up North to Vancouver, BC for a mini vacation this week. It was also our 2 year wedding anniversary. I must say, it was very convenient getting married over spring break, because now we always have the option to get away together to celebrate our anniversary. But, I’m not really writing about our travels today. Maybe I will get to that tomorrow. Maybe not. After all, I do have a big list of things I need to accomplish before, *gasp*, returning to work and the kiddos bright and early Monday morning.

You might be amazed to know this (your amazement level will vary greatly depending on how well you know me), but I actually got stuff done today and did not procrastinate by putting (it all) off until tomorrow. I (are you ready for this?) put away my clothes! I know, I know, it is quite unbelievable. It had really been way, way, way too long. I am happy to now report that you can see the floor in my room. I am also working on laundry and have been good about putting dishes right into the dishwasher (as opposed to just piling them in the sink). We will see how long this streak of cleanliness lasts.

Anyway, as the blog titles indicated I also did a bit of online shopping as reward for my job well done. I got some cute new candle holders at Luna Bazaar.V6A-votive-candle-holderV25SV-Mercury-Glass-Candle-HolderPC04PI-Capiz-Wedding-Light-Candles Ah, cute, cute, cute! I had seen the Capiz lotus blossom candle holders at some stores before, but could never bring myself to buy one due to their inflated cost. However, at Luna Bazaar they are quite a steal, so I didn’t feel quite so torn about parting with my money.

I also bought some art prints off of Etsy. I had been eyeing a couple of sellers’ work for quite some time; today was they day I finally decided exactly which prints I wanted. They were tough choices to make, I assure you. il_430xN.125533841I bought a couple of cityscape prints from Artquirk. il_430xN.130658742 I also got some animal prints from Matou En Peluche.

I can’t wait for it all to get here. Of course, I really need to be on the look out for frames (and possibly some mats) to go with all my new prints.

Oh, and I almost forgot (probably because this purchase is not quite so thrilling as the others)… But, I also bought some metal sectional framing kits from Utrecht. They are to frame my 2 wonderful Beautiful Angle posters. I will still need to go to a local framing store to get glass and the backing material for the posters though. GoldenTicket Soon, so very soon, I will have many beautiful pieces of art to hang. Yay!

However, I still need to figure out framing for our gargantuan Nolli map (remember this?). I think we will just have to end up biting the bullet and paying an astronomical amount to get it professionally mounted and framed. That is, unless any of you out there have any helpful suggestions… Hmmm?

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  1. Glad to hear you can finally see your floor. I am quite impressed with your hard work and can see why you wanted to treat yourself. Cute prints. Where will you hang all your new pieces?