Sunday, April 18, 2010

Framing Frenzy

On Saturday we made an epic journey to Ikea. We made it through with our sanity (mostly) intact. We also made it through with a cart full of Swedish designed, Chinese made goods. The bulk of our purchases were frames… thus, it has been a framing frenzy!IMG_7452IMG_7446Hopefully one evening this week we will have a hanging frenzy! Oh, and a handy tip: I used an old butter knife to flip up and down those pesky metal tabs that you find on the back of cheap frames. Worked like a charm and no sore fingertips.

I did all the framing this morning before Bill got up (I know, it is quite shocking that I woke up first!). I have more frames, but I need to sift through massive amount of my digital photos and pick out which ones I want to order and frame. I also now realize that I should have gotten some more larger frames because I want to print off some of the sweet images from here.

Anyway, once Bill got up we switched to working outside. Nothing really amazing, just all those normal maintenance things like mowing the lawn, weeding the flowers, and weed whacking (around the beds of our little neighborhood garden).

We bought some non-frame related things at Ikea as well. Like these cute little bud vases, that I filled with cute little red anemones from our garden.IMG_7436And a bunch of candles to put in our (non-working) fireplace. I’m not super pumped with the current arrangement, but it is a starting point. I would like to add more height to the back row. IMG_7439 I also had the great idea to buy a whole stack of these pretty fabric boxes.IMG_7416 That way I could totally organize the gigantic mess that is my hall cabinet.IMG_7412You see, since the cabinet door opens down and the cabinet is so deep I cannot reach all the way to the back. I can barely reach to the midpoint, so everything gets all jumbled and mashed whenever I am looking for something (like a matching sheet set). Now with these handy dandy fabric boxes I could put matching sheet sets into their own box according to size and then just pull out the box instead of trying to get anything from the back. Perfect plan, right? IMG_7420 Wrong! The baskets were just a few inches too tall. Sigh. So now I have to find other uses for these boxes, which I’m sure won’t be a problem… I do have a lot of stuff that could be stashed away into cute boxes. But, still, I’m disappointed that I don’t get to use them for their intended purpose. Oh well, I guess I got what I deserved since I didn’t take measurements ahead of time.

Well, that is it for this weekend. What kind of fun things did you all do? And remember, just a few short weeks until you get to see the entire house (which means I only have a few short weeks to shove things in closets or under beds clean).


  1. I haven't thought of Ikea for frames. We still have Karl's photo and Jane's art that needs to be framed. The frames you got look good with the art. Too bad your boxes didn't fit. That was a great idea. Dave and I finally got all the tree trimmings picked up and the lawn mowed. I repotted some of my greenhouse plants and re-did the walkway in the side garden. Do you want any aloe or jade? Let me know and I can bring some up in May.

  2. I read this while at work and busted the very quiet silence with a gigantic laugh followed by many giggles. All I can think of is,” I take one step forward and two steps back…” All the frames look super super cute. When James and I were up there I was admiring your Golden Ticket.
    Love Ya!

  3. Mom- I want both! We love plants. The more the merrier :)

  4. Ames, if (when?) you guys move up to Tacoma your housewarming gift will be your very own golden ticket!

  5. Ooooo, I think i will start looking for houses right now! :) love ya