Saturday, April 24, 2010


My Flor tiles arrived this week. Yay! I haven’t yet put the little flor-dots on them (special stickers that hold the tiles together), because I have been playing around with the configuration. This was my first attempt:IMG_7471I swear I did not take these photos in the middle of the night. It was like maybe 5 o’clock, it just happened to be pouring outside so ambient light was nil. Anywho, I quickly realized that when I ordered the tiles I had not planned on having them be 2 wide- there were no where near enough to have them doubled. Okay, one by one it is then.IMG_7475  Trial number two: sticking to my original vision.  I placed the tiles in a sort of random layout. Okay, not that random since it goes floral, blue, floral, cream, floral… But whatevs. During a more ‘pure’ random didn’t really work with the tiles only being one wide. So, we lived with the above layout for a day or two, but I wasn’t really feeling it. Thus, the third (and current) configuration:IMG_7487 I still need to cut one of my extra tiles to make the runner fit the hallway a little better. Once I finally get around to doing that I will be ready to apply the flor-dots and be done. Well, done with the runner. One day I will actually paint the walls, doors, and trim. One day.

We are still waiting for our living room rug to come in. I’m really hoping it will arrive this week. Keep your fingers crossed!

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