Monday, April 12, 2010


I have just completed some major rug shopping. And I am jazzed. That’s right. Jazzed.

Here are the rugs that will soon be joining our home.086093266547xl Isn’t she gorgeous? We actually already have a smaller version. We bought it just a few months after we moved in and at that point weren’t ready to commit to a large scale area rug.  However, the little rug grew on us day in and day out. It has morphed into being the inspiration for the color flow of our house. We have been planning for quite some time to take the plunge and upgrade. And that is happening now. And, I am jazzed (Ha, there is it again!). Anywho, we will move the smaller one up to our bedroom, but it really could work in any room of the house.

That is not all. Are you ready for even more rug fantastic-ness? I have also just ordered modular carpeting from Flor. These pretty little puppies will line our upstairs hall. 1384252500-9101_1R122000003-98236_2 1384252500-9102_1 You probably noticed that the 1st and 3rd image are the same, just the rug color has been been swapped from Blue Heeler to Bury it Bone. The center image is Pale Blue (it really got the short end of the stick stupid name-wise). I plan on using all three carpet tiles to create a random(ish) pattern. Yay! Such fun.




  1. I love this rug Lacey! Gorgeous.

  2. Thanks, Sara! Someday you will have to travel North and see them. :)

  3. I'm impressed, the kitchen counter looks cleaner too.

  4. Is the big rug going in the living room? Covering up those hard wood floors? Hum...the rugs do look nice, though, and I'm glad you're so excited about getting your house just the way you want it to look.

  5. Dave, I'm really confused by your comment. What kitchen counter??

    Mom, yes, in the living room... where we still have that nasty wall to wall carpeting. We will rip it out after we paint. We think the floors are in decent condition underneath, but I still like the look of rugs.