Sunday, April 11, 2010

11 Months and Counting

I have given myself a deadline. Or maybe a goal. Beh, semantics.

Anyway, I realize that we bought our house almost a year ago. If memory serves correctly we signed the last of the papers on April 30th and received our keys May 1st, 2009. With this momentous (a bit of hyperbole, I know) anniversary coming up I figured I should commemorate it… by giving a ‘then and now’ tour of our house.

That means that I have about 20 days to prep (ie organize and de-clutter) the house to get it ready to show you. By no stretch of the imagination is any room ‘done’ or even close to being so. Yet, still, we have made growth in the last year, if by no other way than filling the place up with furniture. Of course there are still entire rooms (yes, plural) completely overrun with boxes, but so it goes. It will just be something to compare it to on the 2 year anniversary.

Well, that is it. Prepare yourself for the great reveal on May 1st.IMG_4706


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