Friday, September 6, 2013

Cannon Beach. Post Labor Day Edition.

We took another trip to the coast this week (on Wednesday). This time around we had better weather. No rain! Can you believe it? The clouds even burned off and we had some blue sky in the afternoon. The wind was pretty minimal too. If you aren't from the PNW, just as an fyi this is pretty much the best you can hope for with a day at the coast.

Since it was after Labor Day the beach was pretty empty with all the kids back in school. Most of the people there were retirees. We still were able to find a few different abandoned sand castles for Judah to destroy though! 

This week marked when many of my teacher friends and former co-workers went back to work. Who are we kidding, they've been working and attending trainings all summer! But this week is the first week back with kids. It made me realize that if I was going back as well (or had a typical 9-5 style job) that I wouldn't have really seen Bill at all these past two weeks, due to him having a ton of night shifts. By the time I would get home in the evening, he would already be gone and when I would leave in the morning he world be fast asleep. Further, he wouldn't see the kids at all, because I would be the one dropping them off and picking them up from daycare. That would be rough! For him and for them. I'm very thankful that I can stay home with them and that we are able to take impromptu fun day trips like this. Our schedule is far from regular, but we are able to get in quite a bit of time all together as a family.  

This time, I didn't bring a dslr along. Everything you see here are iPhone photos. I even got proof this time around that Shosh and I were indeed there as well. 

With the nicer weather, Judah was a bit more adventurous. He actually went into the ocean, but only to his shins or so. He, also, got buried in the sand (vertically). 

It's so nice that the coast is close enough to day trip to from Portland! 

I certainly miss the beauty of the Sound, but it was a pain in the ass to go to the coast in Washington. Hence, we only went once in the 7 years we lived there. 

Plus, the Oregon coast has better beaches than the Washington coast (which tends to be more remote and rugged). 

It's my dream (one of many) to have a little vacation house out on the coast one day. That way we could go during winter and have a place to storm watch. Camping at the coast during the off season just isn't super appealing. Plus, then you don't have to cart as much stuff back and forth since the house would already be equipped. Sigh, someday (hopefully). 


  1. Cannon Beach I love you! Elizabeth's first overnight trip was to storm watch in CB. When you buy your beach home there I will gladly house sit for you.

  2. Great photos! One of these days, I'll have to tag along or meet you there. When did Judah get an Army jacket?

    1. It was Scott or Todd's when they were kids. It was in the big box of stuff Uncle Vin & Aunt Dar sent to me not long after Judah was born, he's just now big enough to wear it.

  3. I'll have to tag along on one of these beach trips. Looks like so much fun.