Saturday, September 28, 2013

Shoshana at 2 Months, The Sequel

I really meant to post this follow up a while ago. You know, when she really was freshly 2 months old. But, that just didn't end up happening. This month has been crazy busy. Bill has been working a ton of night shifts (including that 4 day trip to Tacoma that started the day Shosh hit two months). I honestly cannot even remember the last time he had two days off in a row. So, with me basically single parenting I didn't have a lot of spare time to spend on blogging. Thankfully, Bill is home all weekend! Yay! Plus, he took Thurs & Friday off too! Double yay! I spent the last two days catching up on errands and meetings, but now that it is Saturday (and both kids are napping. At. The. Same. Time. I know, right?), I actually have a moment to sit down and write this post.

So, Shosh is now 2 months old. Yup, this summer has flown by (what with moving, Judah turning two, and, you know, Shosh being born). Now the Autumn rain is starting. Well, right now it is actually storming. I just saw a huge pine branch break off an crash down in our backyard. The dogs got scared and started barking. Idiots.

Shoshana is still as cute as can be. And she is still a super easy, good natured baby. Which, I think you deserve if you have a two year old as well (even if your two year old is super awesome, they are still exhausting). She is fine just chilling in her baby bjorn bouncer chair. She only really fusses when she has a specific need that is not being met. Sometimes, when I am busy dealing with Judah and putting him down to for nap-time, she will be in her crib and be mildly upset. I know it will be quicker/easier to get him down first, so she just has to wait. Then when I finish with him she will have already gone to sleep and without ever getting super pissed of anything. I guess second babies learn quickly they just have to deal and make the best of it.

We haven't been doing very well with EC-ing her. It is just tough because we can't give her 100% of our time and attention. I can't sit there watching and waiting for her to pee so I can cue her with the 'pssss' sound, because I am also taking care of her brother, and the dogs, and the house, and maybe (if I'm lucky) myself. When one of us gets one on one time with her it is a lot easier to practice EC. Hopefully, our half-assed attempt will still pay dividends in the long run and the eventual transition from diapers to undies with be smooth and relatively painless.

She is doing lots of social smiles these days. Her little face lights up in a grin when she sees me or her dad after waking up from a nap. Same thing if you make little faces at her and silly noises. So cute.

She is still pretty much a champion sleeper. On average she wakes up around 3 times during the night. However, when Bill was in Tacoma she must have been taking pity on me and she only got up once all night every night he was gone! It was crazy (and awesome), but pretty much only lasted those few nights. Still, if was to happen at all those were definitely the nights I could use it the most.

Shoshi still hasn't had a full immersion soap and water bath. Her bedtime routine continues to be a warm washcloth bath, followed by a full body massage with coconut oil. And you know what? She still doesn't have baby acne or cradle cap!

Shosh is still barfing like a pro. I would say she averages at least one massive barf once every two days. There are little spit-ups here and there throughout the day, but those don't even rank. I'm talking about I need to go and change ALL of my clothes (and hers) because they are that saturated with barf. It is Exorcist style barfing (except it is white, instead of pea green, and her head doesn't spin around, but it does shoot out her nose).

She also is still quite gassy. It is weird, as her poop smells pretty inoffensive (as it is breast-milk poo), but her farts smell like rotten broccoli. You would think they would smell the same, but not so much (or at all, really). Sometimes I will put her down after nursing when it is time for her to sleep and she will be fussing slightly. Then she will fart, relax, and go right to sleep. The other night she actually woke herself up after she farted (just like a dog!). Silly gassy girl.

Shoshana still sleeps in her play-yard next to my side of the bed. We had to put her bassinet away, as she quickly outgrew it. When Judah hit two months we transitioned him out of our room and play-yard, and into his nursery and crib. We have no such plans with her. It help that our bedroom in this house is just that much bigger, so we can easily fit her play-yard and a nursing chair. When we had Judah we also still had both dogs in kennels in our room with us. He also woke quite a bit more and was more sensitive to when Bill had to get up in the morning for work (or when he came home in the middle of the night after a night shift). Shosh just sleeps through it (again, I'm not sure how much of that is due to the different layout/configuration of our room and how much is just that they are different little people).

Hopefully going forward I can actually write these posts closer to her actual monthly birthday. Oh well, at least I got photos of her on the 13th.

Did I mention she really likes sucking on her hand?


  1. You forgot to mention she likes to watch TV with me at night instead of going to sleep.

    1. That didn't happen until after she was two months old, duh. You have to be patient and wait for the 3 month blog post.

  2. The whole exorcist barfing thing reminds me of her Uncle Toby when he was an infant. I always warned people. They never listened.

    Hoping next time she does an overnight at our house, she'll be better at going to sleep, so she doesn't have to watch TV till midnight with YeYe. Guess we just need to a) do it more often; or b) wait till she's a bit older. I think Judah was a year when he had his first overnight. Other than not wanting to sleep when she was here, I agree she's easy! But then, so is Judah.