Monday, September 30, 2013

Toddler v. Camera

Does anyone else out there have this issue? Whenever I bring out my dslr Judah starts freaking out about how he wants to take the picture. Like freaking out to the point of tantruming. It's awesome.

I got a new tilt-shift lens last week and was super excited to play around with it... but that didn't happen. Instead I have over 100 shots by Judah of the dogs and the rug and his feet and the walls. I have chosen to share just a few of his photos with you, because, honestly, his style gets a bit repetitive. And I doubt anyone wants to see a photo (or ten) of where the wall meets the ceiling. I think I got to take maybe 4 images that day. Maybe.

Now, I'm not totally insane. I don't let him actually hold the camera and carry it around. I hold it and he just gets to press the shutter. He will sometimes attempt to look through the viewfinder, but usually just smashes his nose up to it instead.

I'm going to have to institute a straight-up Judah ban from my photography equipment. No picture taking. No touching. No. Nothing. He is not going to be pleased, but too bad. I need my camera, son. Deal with it.

It's really too bad there cannot be a happy medium, but at this age it seems to be all or none. I want to encourage him to take photographs and I love seeing what he comes up with. When he gets older it will be great to share my love of photography with him. I have an old canon rebel that is just sitting on my shelf waiting for him to be old enough to use it without breaking it (by throwing it. Always with the throwing.) Until that day, he will have to be content with being my muse (ha!) and only having access to the camera on my iphone.

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  1. Maybe you (or his loving grandparents) should get him one of those kid cameras like Azalea has (had?). I think that was fairly indestructible and might take the pressure off of him wanting to use yours.