Friday, September 13, 2013

Shoshana at 2 months

Shosh turned two months old today. She is great. I love her lots and lots and lots. And she is still a super easy baby. Yay, thanks baby girl!

I took photos of her today. I'll post more later, as well as, write more about what is going on in her cute little life. However, besides being her two month birthday, today was also the day Bill had to leave for Tacoma for work... for the next four nights. Ugh. So I am solo parenting until he gets back. This is the longest I will have been alone with both kids. Actually, it is the longest Bill has been away from Judah. Ever. Not counting this trip, the longest time apart was when we were both away from Judah for our 5 year anniversary trip to the coast last spring (it was for 3 nights). I'm already looking forward to his return.

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