Sunday, January 23, 2011

Carpet Weekend

We did our research at Lowes today. Blurg. Totally more expensive then I was hoping. And, they won't give you an estimate in store about how much it would cost to tear out and haul away old carpet. To get that estimate you have to put a down payment of $40 and have them come to your house. The $40 is all fine and dandy if you decide to go with them, then it just goes toward your carpet purchase... but, if you decide you don't want to go with them they keep the $40. Seems to me like you paying money to get a bid. Hmmm, I don't much like that. And even with our rough estimate based purely on carpet price per sq foot the cost was more than I wanted to spend... especially for something I don't really want. What I really want is nice hardwood floor like the rest of the house, but that is definitely not in the current budget. Some day, some day...

I've used Flor tiles in the past (as a hall runner upstairs). I am very happy with their products, so we decided to check out how much it would be do wall-to-wall flor tiles. Sigh, out of our budget.

However, that led me on an internet journey seeking out other modular carpet tiles. Low-and-behold there are other carpet tile options out there. Cheaper tile options. Within our budget tile options. The websites for the discount places definitely are not as user friendly as Flor. The images are not as detailed and their are no side images showing the thickness of the pile, but whatevs. It will do. Now we just need to figure out which we want and we are on it.

Here are the sites we are looking at:


Anyone out there used and of these companies? Any feedback to offer?

Other than that the weekend has been pretty low key. The in-laws came up to visit yesterday and they brought up a crib from my parents house. It is sleigh style crib in dark wood. I'm not crazy in love with it (I would prefer a more modern streamlined crib and for it to be white), but I am crazy in love with the price (free!). Me might end up painting it white; it just really depends how it looks all set up in the room. We shall see.

The best part of the weekend was having Bill home- ALL WEEKEND. He is know on his new Mon-Fri day side only schedule. Which. Is. Awesome. It is just so nice having him home so we can do little errands (like going to Lowes) and hang out. I really enjoy having him around and not spending the majority of the weekend home alone. Yay, new schedule!  Yay, getting stuff done together! Yay!


  1. You're Gert is a gorgeous girl!

    Thanks so much for stopping by La Lamp Shade!



  2. Following you now. Good luck with the carpet selection.

    Mary Ann

  3. Why don't you try "not Lowes" for regular carpet?

  4. Um, what? As in try a specialty carpet store?

  5. Another option is to put down cabinet grade plywood (like we did in the rec room), then paint it with fun colors. Better Homes and Gardens showed where a homeowner painted concentric stripes in the kid's room and it looked good. Just a thought and it would be way cheaper. You could always put an area rug down to soften the look.

  6. if you need someone just to remove old carpet I could probly do that I am a laid off union ironworker with a family of 5 to suport and am looking for some odd jobs to do to make some extra money e mail me if you are intested I live in south hill puyallup twords graham my e mail address is thank you David Quantrerll

  7. Thanks, but we have decided to take up the carpet our selves. Our plan du jour is to sand down and paint or some how refinish the sub-flooring. It won't have to be absolutely stellar because I'll put an area rug down as well. We will see how long this plan lasts though...