Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's a...

We had our midwives appointment this week. You  know, the super exciting one where you get the gender identifying ultrasound! I really did not have any strong feeling one way or another. I had dreams that I was having a boy. I had dreams I was having a girl.The Chinese Gender Chart said we were having a boy. Bill was really hoping for a boy- he has been hoping for a boy since he was 2 (when his first sister arrived, and then he had another sister, and another). However, on the way to the ultrasound he told me that he had a feeling that it was a girl. I had my class vote on what they thought I would have. Girl was ahead in the classroom vote (15 for girl, 11 for boy).

So here it is. The gender identifying ultrasound shot. Can you tell what it is?

Well, did you see it? I think it is pretty obvious, but in case it isn't- here is the cheat sheet.

That's right- it's a boy! We plan on naming him Judah. It is just so nice knowing who is in there. It just makes it seem that much more real. Last time we saw him on an ultrasound he looked like a fried egg. Now we looks like a real baby. Crazy.

Here he is looking all baby like.

I know I am a bit biased and all, but I think he is pretty damn cute.

And here is how the iris of the eye shows up on ultrasounds.

Super creepy, right? Here's hoping Judah has Bill's blue eyes. There is chance that it could happen, since my Mom has light blue eyes. I carry that recessive gene, we will just see in 4.5 months if it makes an appearance.

It is amazing how much you can see on the ultrasound. The ultrasound tech get measurements of all the bones and identified all the organs. Everything is as it should be. All the parts are there and appear to be correctly formed. Ahh, such wonderful news for parents-to-be to hear.

They gave us a cd with 9 images from the ultrasound and they also gave us a 5 min dvd of the ultrasound- which is pretty cool. To us. And our parents. I'm sure anyone else would find it incredibly boring. However, we think it is the bee's knees. In the movie they show the heat beat (visually and you can hear it). You see Judah move around some. He wasn't moving around a ton by the end of the ultrasound (which is when they took the movie portion). But, he still does move his head, arms, and legs a bit. There is no full on body twirling though.

They also were able to see that my placenta is in front of him. Which explains why I haven't really felt much (if any) movement. As Judah gets bigger and stronger I will be able to feel him move and kick through the placenta. I think I have felt him a little bit, but it is still those super early movements that kind of feel like indigestion.

Well, here is what Judah is looking like these days without an ultrasound.

It is no nice knowing that Judah is Judah. I feel like I can really start moving forward on getting ready for him. I can start really decorating the nursery (that is after we rip out the old carpet, paint the trim, and install carpet tiles). It just seems so much realer knowing that Judah is Judah.

Today, Bill and I are making the scary trip to Babies-R-Us. Ack. We need to create a registry. Yeah, like we have any clue what we will really need. I'm sure I will see lots of cute stuff to register for. But, I'm also sure I will probably leave off some super important things. I know it is going to be overwhelming. Bill HATES shopping to start with, let alone 'window' shopping which is basically what creating a registry is. Sigh. Well, this is one of the many hurdles we need to get through.

We also need to pick up gifts while we are there. I have 2 showers in February that I need to buy presents for. Maybe looking at their registries will help me create mine? I also need to pick up a gift for my adorable niece, who turns 3 today.

Wish us luck.


  1. Look at you, Pretty Lady!

    Congrats on having a sweet Judah boy.

    Our girl was asleep with her legs primly crossed throughout our ultrasound. After 20 minutes, the tech said we could come back free of charge, but I insisted she do everything in her power to wake that child up. She did and I went on a pink shopping spree that afternoon.

  2. Awww Lace.. I'm SO happy for you guys!! I just love Judah's little profile, he's perfect!! Congrats again!

  3. Very exciting!!!! Congrats!!! I'm happy for your husband since he's had to put up with so many girls that he is finally going to have a boy to hang with.

  4. Beautiful baby pictures. We can't wait to see the DVD. Yes, grandparents do love to hear the heart beat :-)

  5. Thanks, all. We are pretty exited over here. I have definitely watched the ultrasound video more than a few times...