Saturday, January 29, 2011

Babies R Us can suck it.

Well, we registered. And it was awful. Awful, I tell you. Licks total balls. I'm pretty sure I am going to delete half of the items I registered for after I finish this post. There is soo much stuff. And sooo much of it is uuuuuugly. Super ugly. Super cutesy ugly. For reals. It sucks.

Why does the vast majority of baby stuff have to be all over the top cutesy? Why? I just don't get it. The baby sure as hell doesn't care. Lets face it, all that baby stuff is really for me. And. I. Hate. Cutesy.

Why must all boy stuff have either cartoon smiley animals or cars? Hmmm? Where are some nice basics. Some good geometric prints. Or even just plain freakin colors in something other than baby blue, pink, brown, or mint. Seriously. This shiz does not go with my nursery decor. It is looking like Judah is going to be getting an awful lot of white.

I need create a Target registry as well. I think I will probably just do that online.

My issue is the things I want are not sold at these giant places. Instead they are only available at little boutiques or online. I'm totally down with buying things online, but that doesn't help registering for baby showers (which I will have at least 3 of. That's right. 3. 1 at work, 1 in Oregon, and 1 in Washington.). So I need a pretty decent registry list for people to choose from.

Is there any place online that I can create a registry from a bunch of different sites? I need to to track when people buy stuff so I don't get 15 of one thing and 0 of something else. I know you can make a wishlist on amazon, but not all my stuff it available on amazon.

Sigh, why can't there just be more non ugly baby options out there? Hmmm, why?

Also, I pretty sure I registered for 30 things I absolutely in no way need. The store just makes you feel like you have to have them, because they have about 20 different options on said thing. So you think, "Well, this must be important since there are so many option." But, really, you don't need it. You really don't. At least, I think you don't. Hell if I really know since, you know, Judah will be my first baby and all.

In summation: registries (specifically at Babies R Us) suck.


  1. Use and you can add items from anywhere to one registry.

  2. Stick? Is that you? You are a lifesaver. I am on it.

  3. Yes, yes it is. You're welcome.

  4. Just note that it's not the super easiest registry to use; you'll have to update/refresh it any time you add to other registries (or maybe they updated this since we used it), but we didn't care because it still saved so much hassle.

  5. maybe a registry isn't what you need. Maybe just let people know in the invitation what kinds of things you want and let them decide from there.

  6. Ouch, sounds like an unpleasant day of shopping. I know Toby used Target, but I can't remember which other one he used.