Thursday, February 3, 2011

Monkeyshines for Judah!

First off, my many apologies because I am posting this from my itouch. And while the itouch is good for a great number of things, writing paragraphs (or any extended typing) is not one of them. So rest assured, my numerous errors today are not based on my incompetence, but my low tolerance level for writing using only my pointer finger on a touch screen. Anyway...

It's Chinese New Year! In Tacoma something very special goes along with the new year: monkeyshines. We have searched previous years, but never were able to find any. I was really hoping this would be the year since Judah will be born in the year of the rabbit. Lucky for me, Bill gets up super early to walk the doggos before work. The last couple days he has been wearing his headlamp just in case the monkeyshines made an appearance... And today they did! Which, you know, makes sense and all since Chinese New Year didn't start until last night. Still, you never know if the monkershiners are going to get sneaky and put them out a bit early.

-Argh, I can't upload a photo from the itouch to the blog! This will be remedied later when I have my laptop at home (instead of at work where it sits now.). Sigh, blogger really needs to get with it and get an app...- Oh, yeah, there is the ancient laptop/desktop hybrid at home. It is a beast, but at least I can put up pictures!

Anyway, Bill found our pretty little orb in a planter outside the Conservatory at Wright Park. Bill thought that was pretty perfect, since we got married at the conservatory 3 years ago next month. It will be a perfect addition to Judah's room. Now I just have to figure out some way to safely and securely display it. Well, that and get Judah's room to the point where we can display anything, let alone super cool hand made guerrilla art!

We are that much closer to becoming true Tacomans. We have our BeautifulAngle posters up and, now, our very first monkeyshines. Oh, right, and we got married in one of the city's oldest parks... And we have a 106 year old home, designed by a prominent local architect... We work for 2 of the 3 largest employers in the city (school district and port)... Hmm, I'm not sure what else we need to be real Tacomans other than an accumulation of years at this point...

Here is the little cheat sheet I made for identifying the rabbit. It is a bit hard to see it in photos, since the orb is multicolored, but the rabbit is in clear glass.


  1. Thanks! It was a pretty cool way to start the morning. I've been reading updates all day on exit 133. Seems they hid quite a few in our neighborhood.
    The lame part of my morning was not feeling well and had to take a sick day. It's a bit freaky being ill while pregnant- but since I have no fever I'm in the clear.

  2. So - you get to keep the monkeyshine? Very cool

  3. Yep. It is very cool. It's a city wide treasure hunt.

  4. I didn't realize that the medallions and the balls had different designs. I'm happy with the medallion but it's still driving me crazy that I didn't find a ball this year.

  5. I wonder if they have a different emblem for the medallion and the balls every year, or if this was the first...