Saturday, February 12, 2011

Flooring Surprises

Bill pulled up the carpet in the nursery this week... which led to a couple of surprises.

1. It is not sub-flooring, but our regular wooden floors. Albeit, in horrendous condition- as seen in the doorway from the nursery to the hall.

And 2. WTF is that? It is covering the floor in the closet and creeps out into the main room as well. There are some random small patches of it in other areas of the room.

So now that the carpet is taken care of (he even removed all the tack strips this morning!), it is my turn to take care of the trim. My goal is to do it today- or, at least, start it today. First, I am in need of some lunch (left over palak paneer and butter chicken from India Mahal- yum!) and a nap. But, you know, after that I will totally start painting the trim.

After I finish the trim, Bill is going to take a sander to the floor and see what can be done. Hopefully, that will take care or mystery material and random thick paint splotches. Then we will be able to stain and refinish. This room is our first major overhaul in the house, but you have to start somewhere. This whole thing is definitely a learning process... Here's hoping the end result is decent!

In other baby preparation news, we are going to convert our current cat feeding unit/bathroom junk storage into a changing table. Here it is before:

It will need to be painted and the mesh cabinet door replaced with something, you know, opaque. Also, I will switch out the handles and drawer pulls. After that it should make a decent changing table. I had been entertaining hopes of finding a cheap-o dresser on craigslist and refinishing it like the youngsters did, but, alas, that plans seems to be in vain. I've been checking craigslist like crazy, but the dressers never seem to be right- either too expensive or have too many issues. Oh well. This little storage unit should work just fine as a changing table. We have some spare dressers that need some work (they are tall units though, so don't work as changing tables), but they will get the job done for clothes and all that baby stuff. I'm not in love with the dresser I plan on using, but it is free... which is very nice. Hopefully, some fun paint will help endear it to my heart.

Also, I'm doing laundry. Nothing exciting there, I usually take care of that on the weekend. However, I somehow ran a load without adding laundry detergent. Oops. I'm afraid the legendary 'pregnancy brain' is starting to happen.

Okay, time for lunch. And to get caught up on Glee. And take a nap.

Oh, right. And paint trim.


  1. looks like mold which is deadly and needs special attention when cleaning, be careful.

  2. Nope. Not mold (although it could be hiding in other areas- I'm sure there was some in the carpet... which is why Bill pulled it up, not me). It is more like a layer of press board or some such thing.

  3. It was probably what they put down before the carpet was installed or maybe it was under some other incarnation of floor covering. Glad it's not mold, but still be careful of mystery materials. Be sure Bill wears a filter mask.

    Excellent news that it's real wood, but it will be work.

    When converting the bathroom cabinet to a changing table, Bill might put some railings on the long edges and one short edge to keep Judah in place, or at least slow him down if he starts to roll.